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reflux mainly in the morning

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espresso14 Fri 28-Mar-14 11:09:10


My daughter is 10 weeks old, ebf, and I think has unpainful reflux. She spits up lots, both of us completely covered, but it's mainly in the morning. There will perhaps be one other incident. It used to happen all day, every day, but has reduced a lot.

She feeds lots still (a 2 hour gap is rare), and I let her comfort feed a lot as I've heard non nutriative suckling can help develop her digestive tract. I'm doing upright feeds, keeping her upright lots, trying not to handle her too much after feeds. I'm not convinced of the need to go down food exclusion route, as the spitting up is so concentrated in the morning. She will often spit up tons mid feed, covering us both, but then go back on for a lovely, peaceful feed. She was sleeping a very long time at night, 9 hours straight, but I would typically feed her once or twice when she roused slightly, but never waked fully. We were swaddling her, and I'm sure this was suppressing hunger cues, but I wasn't concerned, as she had such good weight gain, never dropped her birthweight and went from 75th to 98th percentile by 6 weeks.

But, to help reduce the morning chucking, I stopped the swaddling and co slept with her, to allow her to eat more in the night, rather than being so hungry and guzzling so quickly in the morning. This left me much less full, and she was less hungry, but she still chucked up everywhere, albeit a couple of hours later than usual. Interestingly, she rejected the fuller breast this morning, which hasn't happened before. I expressed a bit, and she then took it, until she threw up over it.

My family are blaming me for over feeding her, which is not helping my confidence. They are of the view that I should leave it longer before I feed her, as they think she isn't giving any signs of hunger (she is, but I always respond to the early cues) and she is throwing up because I'm stuffing her.

Has anyone else experience of reflux mainly in the morning, and any other tips? Nappy output excellent, nothing green and several poos a day.

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