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Suddenly feeding lots!

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melonribena Thu 27-Mar-14 22:02:45

My 20mth old ds has always been an enthusiastic bfeeder!

As a newborn he would happily have been attached for 24 hrs a day.

It's taken me a long time to reduce feeds and get food established. He's never taken a bottle and has a milk allergy, which doesn't help!

Anyway, I'd managed to cut down to a 7pm feed and a 7am feed. This was fab! He still woke once in the night but was settled with a dummy.

Anyway, for about the last month he's been constantly ill, sickness bug, tonsilitis, teething, nasty cough and cold. His sleeping and eating have gone tits up and all he wants to do is bf, even now he's well again!

He feeds at 6am, I then go to work but he's clamouring for a feed when I get home at 5pm. He then has another before bed at 7 (after tea), wakes at 9.30pm, again at 2am and is ready for a feed at 6am.

With him being ill and so distressed I have just fed him but I'm desperate for sleep.

Has anyone else experienced a sudden increase in feeding at a similar age? Will it decrease again naturally?

Thanks in advance for any shared wisdom/experiences

1proudmamma Thu 27-Mar-14 22:19:54

I had the same experience when my son was 2 and was hospitalised with bronciolitis, he fed loads for about a month afterwards. I think a lot of it was just comfort and reassurance. My son soon settled back into his normal routine once he was settled and well again.
I just tried to keep his routine as usual as possible and let him feed when he felt he needed to where possible.

Well done with the extended breastfeeding and good luckl. xx

melonribena Thu 27-Mar-14 22:24:44

Thank you so much!

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