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Tip for babies that writhe in pain when feeding

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wolfbuddy Thu 27-Mar-14 19:46:01

I've had a pretty hideous time with feeding my 11wk old dd: it was all going so well (combo expressed & ff) then suddenly at 8wks she began writhing in agony the second she began drinking. At first I thought it was the evening colic stretching out into the daytime, but it got progressively worse and eventually it was taking an hour for her to finish a 120ml bottle (a rotation of small sips, then dummy to soothe the pain).
We tried Colief for a couple of weeks - didn't make a huge difference (instead it made her even more hungry as the enzyme makes the milk easier to digest, so I was up every 2.5 hrs with her night and day. Knackering. And the bottle-prep totally did my head in! As if there isn't enough to think about already!!).
A GP friend then recommended Infant Gaviscon, which is working brilliantly and it making her so much more calm.
But the biggest trick that is making the most difference is giving her a few sips of water before each feed. It seems to 'prep' her tummy for the milk, plus it gives her regular doses of water essential for bowel movements while using the Gaviscon.
If you're going through the same nightmare with writhing, screaming-in-agony babies, please try this simple free tip!!

PS - and you must must persevere with the winding - this is such a major issue and I do it 2-3 times per feed now, it makes a massive difference to her comfort.

stargirl1701 Thu 27-Mar-14 22:00:51

We needed fairly hefty prescription medication for DD. Her silent reflux got increasingly worse until, at 5 months, she point blank refused to feed.

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