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When did you stop giving your baby/infant a bottle and how did you introduce cows milk?

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GimmeDaBoobehz Thu 27-Mar-14 17:24:39

I am coming up to the time I think to start stopping the bottles and to introduce cows milk to DD.

I was wondering:

- When did you stop the bottles and how did you do it (ie. at 9 months 3, 10 months 2, 11 months one at night etc)?
- If you breastfed how many times a day did/does your 12-18 month old feed?
- At what age did you introduce cows milk and how did you do it?
- Did you serve the cows milk up cold or hot and how much at a time?

Thanks so much for your help. smile

Cotherstone Thu 27-Mar-14 17:27:14

Moved on to warm cow's milk at about 1yo - we just gave her a bottle one afternoon and it agreed with her, so we changed overnight. Might have been a few looser nappies for a day or two but nothing drastic. That was from formula to cow's milk.

Bottles is another question - 2.2yo and still loves her bottles grin

ilovepowerhoop Thu 27-Mar-14 17:33:12

Both mine had cows milk in cereal, in foods, etc from 6 months. With dd (10) I swapped one bottle at a time from the age of 1 e.g. morning bottle was cows milk and bedtime one was formula (she was on 2 feeds by 11 months). After a week or so (or when the formula ran out!) I swapped the bedtime one to cows milk as well. I started phasing in cups around 13/14 months and she was off bottles by 15 months.

With ds (7) I started introducing a cup for milk at 9 months and started gradually giving daytime milk (formula) feeds in them while keeping morning and bedtime feeds in the bottle. He took to it so well that he was off bottles and onto cups by 11 months at which point he was also down to just 2 feeds.. I switched him to cows milk at 1 year in the same way I did it for dd.

GimmeDaBoobehz Thu 27-Mar-14 17:38:23

If it aint broke Coth.

To be honest will probably try her with a bottle of warm milk instead of her formula bottle at night (breast morning, formula at night and has 1 breastfeed around 4/5am) and then after a few months try to stop the bottles but honestly whatever works - guidelines are only loose really as far as I'm aware. I took a bottle until 18 months and I have immaculate teeth (24, one filling and only teeth removed being wisdom teeth).

Sounds like a good routine ilove - I must admit DD isn't too keen on the cup. She doesn't hold it herself but she does drink water/diluted juice in it 3/4 times a day about half a baby cup each time, so I'm happy she can take from it she just doesn't get the tip and suck bit. She'll do one or the other, but normally ends up soaking herself. Thinking about letting her practice it in the bath so it doesn't matter if she gets drenched! smile

She's a week off 1 years old, by the way.

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