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Nipple confusion?

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highlove Wed 26-Mar-14 19:47:13

Hi, I know there's some debate about this... But what are the 'symptoms' of nipple confusion? I've (reluctantly) had to top up my two week old with a mix of EBM and formula as she wasn't gaining. I'm still BFing before each top up but it's starting to get harder - she fusses and can take ages to latch, gets on a doesn't suck etc. I'm starting to get pretty stressed this is the beginning of the end. Does this sound like nipple confusion, for those who've experienced it? Is there anything I can do to recover the situation before it's too late? I'll be gutted if this means BFing is over and feeling really anxious about it.

She's on about eight feeds a day and am topping her up approx 50mls after 5-6 feeds, on the advice of midwives.


Sunflower1985 Wed 26-Mar-14 20:09:21

There may be many answers to this question, and I'm a first timer, so no expert, but we use a supplemental nursing system to top-up. The baby gets the top-up via a tube inserted along side the nipple when feeding with it drawn from a bottle or syringe. Like sucking a straw.
This was a revelation for me, and helped with maintaining supply, as you keep getting stimulation for milk.

Might be worth asking someone at your local support group for more info, or LLL etc.

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