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Very sore nipples :(

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AuntFlossy Wed 26-Mar-14 18:03:55

Feeling sorry for myself! After 9 weeks of constant feeding pain I finally went to Huddersfield and paid £250 to have my DD's lip and tongue tie lasered at Cote Royd dental and whilst feeding was getting much better and pain free, we have now developed thrush sad Since Monday when I first noticed the white in DD's
mouth feeding has now gone more painful than ever and my nipples are really dry and red looking. Is her latch becoming bad again or is it the thrush? Fed up of being sore now. 10 weeks of feeding agony is getting to me sad

Romily Wed 26-Mar-14 19:31:36

Huge hugs! Well done for lasting this long with feeding. I can empathise with the pain as I have been feeding for 12 weeks with constant pain and a bout of thrush along the way too. Get to the docs asap to get a treatment for thrush and if that is the cause the pain should ease within couple of days. Until you get an appointment keep nipples dry and make sure to change your breast pads often.

crikeybadger Wed 26-Mar-14 20:35:34

Poor you, sounds like it's been a long struggle sad
Agree with pp, you need to get something from the GP to treat you and the baby. I think it's Daktarin that is usually prescribed,
Hope things get better soon.

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