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Wonky periods after weaning?

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clementinesandbananas Wed 26-Mar-14 16:48:56

I've posted this in conception, but thought I'd try here too.

I weaned DC#2 a month ago after 12m of BF (exclusive to 6m, then with solids for the last six). For the last month we were only on one/two feeds a day.

My cycles came back at 6m: I was ovulating (confirmed with a scan, OPKs and cm - I refuse to temp since it stresses me out) but had very light periods (a few hours of spotting 14 days after ovulation). I assumed that they'd get better once I weaned.

We'd like #3 sooner rather than later so ditched the condoms a few months back and I've been convinced I've been pregnant a number of times: bleeding gums, severe nausea, vein-y boobs, constipation, the works. Just like I got at the start of both previous pregnancies. These symptoms have lasted for a week-10 days and then disappeared, followed by a light period.

I assumed that stopping BF entirely would help everything get fully back to normal but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. I'm still waiting for a normal period.

Is this normal? Someone on the other board mentioned getting my prolactin levels checked: should I do this? How can I help get things going again: I'm taking agnus castus already.

clementinesandbananas Fri 28-Mar-14 13:55:41


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