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Ebf and pregnant - what now?

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ExBrightonBell Wed 26-Mar-14 01:13:11

He's not going to starve! In 2 months time you'll be weaning him and he'll be eating and drinking as well as bfeeding. I don't think that your supply would drop (if it does, not everyone has this problem) in the near future. Have a look on the Kellymom website for lots of info about feeding during pregnancy.

If your supply does drop, you'll notice very quickly, as your ds will want to feed more often and for longer. You can also keep an eye on wet/pooey nappies and make sure they are as frequent as usual.

Could you express and build up a stash of frozen bm so that if you do need to supplement then it can be that rather than formula?

Magmar Wed 26-Mar-14 00:11:36


Magmar Wed 26-Mar-14 00:11:21

I'm ebf my 4 month old and just got a bfp. Will I have to supplement with formula? How will I know if he's not getting enough milk? He's a bottle refuser so I'm terrified he'll starve when my supply dross.

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