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Bottle feeding when out and about

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Doodle1983 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:22:15

How does everyone get on with bottle feeding while out? I'm first time mum and exclusively formula feeding. DS is almost 8wk old and I'm yet to feed him while out and about. The longer I leave it the more anxious I get.. I've a little flask to keep water hot but how do you then cool down the bottles? I can't seriously take a jug and some cold water can I like I use at home ?

Or do I make the bottle up while out in advance of DS needing it to give it adequate time to cool?

The bottle warmer we have with tomee tippee will keep a bottle warm for hours but then my formula carton says bottles should be discarded after 2 hours, so what's the point in keeping it warm for 4 hours ??

It's all so bloody confusing!! I still wonder whether we are making a meal of bottles at home, using hot water and then frantically cooling under a running tap as DS screams !

Defo Breastfeeding next time !

stressbucket1 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:33:12

Ready made cartons! They are more expensive but I always used them when out and about. Just need to take a sterilized bottle. Also for at home look at a tommee tippee perfect prep machine they make bottles ready to drink in 3 mins

Doodle1983 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:36:31

We use comfort milk, which they don't make in cartons .. Sorry I should of added. But yes cartons are ideal, DS will drink it at room temp too

Beccadugs Tue 25-Mar-14 20:37:42

If I'm going out within an hour nor so of a feed I make a bottle and take with me. I haven't been out for longer than a few hours yet, but will definitely be using the ready made for a feed outside the two hour limit.

Also plan to buy enough of the big made up bottle (1L) for when we go away to my parents for Easter.

Beccadugs Tue 25-Mar-14 20:39:09

Just seen about the comfort milk.
Could you use two flasks, one with hot and one with cooler boiled water (sterilise the flask with boiling water first) which is similar to what the perfect prep machine does.
(Also perfect prep machine is BRILL!)

Doodle1983 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:46:13

That's a good idea.. Then put boiling water in first to kill the milk nasties and then cold water to drink..

Doodle1983 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:47:34

I'm just looking into the machine.. Does it take different bottles? We are using dr booth ones at the mo.. DS goes anywhere from 2 1/2 - 4 1/2 hours for a feed at the mo so it's really hard to guess when he'll want it

tantrumtime Tue 25-Mar-14 20:56:42

Tommee tippee flask. Saved my life! My DCs wouldn't drink the carton stuff and to be honest I only tried once because they are so expensive.
The flask holds the hot water and it has a bit over the top that can be taken off, filled with cold water from cafe, sink in loo or bottle in your bag and then hot made up bottle placed into it.
I can't link as on phone but if you go to asda website, groceries then search for it it's about £9ish and worth every penny!!

Kasey12 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:57:52

I used to take a bottle cooled boiled water out ( still warm, but not boiling ) in one of those thermal bottle holders and put the formula in a little tub. If you are in a cafe, you can normally ask for a bowl or eg a pint glass of hot/cold water to put the bottle in to cool down or warm up. Most cafés were very helpful and accommodating. On occasions when I couldn't get to one I just fed my DS at whatever temperature it was at the time, and he was fine with that. I'd try and plan his feeds so that the water wouldn't be sitting in the bottle for too long. So at the start of our outings.

Doodle1983 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:01:53

This ? tantrum

Will it work with different bottles do you know ? Maybe worth using a regular tipee bottle when out..

Doodle1983 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:02:08

calilark Tue 25-Mar-14 21:03:26

make up the bottle before you go out. It cool whilst you are out & about. Take a flask of boiling water, and then just pour some water into the cup of the flask and plonk bottle that to heat when you need it

stressbucket1 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:04:27

Perfect prep can be used with any bottles we use avent

tantrumtime Tue 25-Mar-14 21:16:57

Yep. It fit my friends MAM bottles and my Dr Browns no probs. You just fill it less for smaller bottles.

PisforPeter Tue 25-Mar-14 21:24:30

Just make the bottle in advance & then plonk in the amazing TT flask to heat up as mentioned above. DD is almost 2 and that's what I have always done. DH made 6 bottles for me in the morning and kept in fridge. Heat in microwave if at home
(Obviously gently shake before giving) & heat in flask if out & about. Worked really well for me. It is confusing though & takes time to settle into a routine that works for you X

Atbeckandcall Tue 25-Mar-14 21:35:57

You can buy powder dispensers, bit of a God send.
After I gave the last bottle of the day to dd I'd was and sterilise them all. Once all done I'd boil the kettle and fill them all with the required amount (still scaldingly hot water) put teats/lids etc on and I'd make sure I'd use them within 24 hours, or they'd get just get washed out and resteralised.
Sorry for long winded explanation, had to talk myself through it as I could remember exactly. Dd is 3 so I don't know if this is still "allowed" but my HV advised this.
I did also take a tommy Tippee flash as dd like it otter than I like my tea!

Doodle1983 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:38:55

From what I gather the milk powder needs adding to hot water to kill bacteria in the milk. Water to be at least 70 degrees apparently..

PisforPeter Tue 25-Mar-14 22:00:01

Yes, add it to slightly cooled boiled water and then refrigerate till you need it. Use on the same day,

Atbeckandcall Tue 25-Mar-14 22:12:54

Yes you are right Doodle, the advice is oven based on what the WHO advise. They give that advice based on everyone being thick and unhygienic (so my GP sil tells me). I used to add formula to room temperature boiled water without any dodgy tummy issues. Of course OP it's upto you though and whatever you feel works best for you and your baby.

PisforPeter Tue 25-Mar-14 22:20:07

I think either is ok. I agree WHO advice is based in country's with poor sanitary conditions. I'm a health professional & have never seen an infant who was unwell because of incorrectly made bottles. Just do the best you can X

MammaGnomes Tue 25-Mar-14 22:21:27

its not the correct guidlines but I have done this since my dd was a couple of weeks old and have had no problems

before going out I fill a bottle halfway with boiled water.
I then measure out her formula into a powder dispenser
fill tommee tippee flask with boiling water.
when bottle is needed I pour hot water fron flask into bottle and add powder.
its normally the perfect temperature. if its still too hot I ask cafe for some cold water and pop bottle in to cool down.
its been a god send. Especially when she was waking in the night for a feed

PisforPeter Tue 25-Mar-14 22:23:56

We all love the TT flask smile

Beccadugs Wed 26-Mar-14 07:45:00

The TT flask is currently £6.50 on amazon! (After reading this thread I went and bought one!)

Vixjane Wed 26-Mar-14 07:58:28

I have a flask with Hot boiled water and a bottle of cooled boiled water. When out and about and ds needs feeding i add 2 oz of hot water to empty bottle then add the powder from a dispenser measured out at ome and mix then i add 3oz of cooled water and mix. Perfect temp for a 5oz bottle (which is what my ds has) to feed traight away. We also use the comfort milk so know how annoying it is they don't make the readymade in this formula. X

Doodle1983 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:03:51

Perfect thanks vix mines also on 5oz!

Been to the dr today and been given baby gaviscon so back on regular milk for a few days.. Which makes travel easy for now cause I can add it to the pre made cartons

Thanks everyone. I'm gonna buy a flask now from amazon! For that price it's worth having x

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