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Breastfeeding within pregnancy question

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Ciwti Mon 24-Mar-14 20:25:05

I have a daughter who's almost 5 months old and I wasn't breastfeeding when she was born. After a lot of defiance (the joys of going from bottle to breast), I'm fully breastfeeding her now and she won't take anything else from me. confused

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I'm worried with my rubbish diet that my babies won't be getting enough to nourish them. My daughter seems to get enough milk and she doesn't seem to be going hungry. But I keep reading about breastfeeding burning 500 calories a day. I barely eat above 1400 cals a day, typically less, but I am trying to improve that though. I know breastfeeding is best for my little girl, so I don't want to wean her off it. Am I comprising my pregnancy?

Does anybody have any advice? confused

ExBrightonBell Mon 24-Mar-14 20:55:15

As far as I understand it, your body will prioritise your baby in utero, and then your breastmilk, leaving you trailing behind in third. So your babies will take what they need from you, and it will be your body that suffers in the long run. Bfeeding does need a few extra calories, I thought it was only 300ish though.

For your own health and well being, I would try and eat nearer to 2000 calories, and makes sure you include plenty of calcium sources. Keep taking pregnancy vitamins as well.

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