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Manual vs Electric

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Supercalafraga Mon 24-Mar-14 11:02:27

Which have you gone for?

Any recommendations?

thank you smile

AnythingNotEverything Mon 24-Mar-14 11:07:08

I'll start! I have a medela swing. It seemed to be the best rated on every site I read.

It's electric, easy to use, easy to clean. It's not a closed system, so you're not advised to share it. I think you can buy replacement bits.

They're around £100. Sometimes there's a deal on.

I love it.

Have a good think about what you want it for though - is it for exclusively expressing? Then you'd need a double pump. Do you just want to be able to express off the excess when you're engorged? You might be better with a hand pump.

Some women just cannot get any milk out with a pump, regardless of how plentiful their supply is. I knew I could pump as I have done with previous babies. Not sure if I'd have been happy spending £100 on a pump not knowing if I'd be able to use it.

W2bpgn Mon 24-Mar-14 11:43:20

I started with a manual pump - tommee tippee pump and have now got an electric one - medela swing.
I had to pump due to latching issue. I found both good but when I was tired I wasn't very good at maintaining the suction or rhythm to pump with the manual which is why I went on to the electric pump.

leedy Mon 24-Mar-14 15:24:31

Electric here - I have an Ardo Calypso that I use every day in work to express milk for DS2. I like it because it's super efficient and all I really need to do is hold it in place while reading work emails (coughandrandominternetstuffcough) on my phone.

Supercalafraga Tue 25-Mar-14 10:23:02

Thanks for all your feedback! grin

PretzelPrincess Tue 25-Mar-14 21:39:13

I had a manual but it was useless so bought the medela swing. The manual would just take soooo long that it wasn't worth doing.

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