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'no milk in there mummy'

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TheFabulousIdiot Sun 23-Mar-14 23:44:42


I am still breastfeeding my son who is three years three months.
I work full time but he feeds before work, at pick-up, in the evening and then in the night. At weekends he feeds whenever he wants.

Lately he has been telling me there's no milk, though at nursery pick-up he's definitely getting some.

We've just gone through a fairly long period where he seemed to be feeding all night long, or at least he would be on my breast constantly which has been pretty annoying for me.
Now I am wondering if rather than a comfort thing, has he been struggling to get milk.

I am almost 44 and as far as I know I am not menopausal, I am healthy and well fed (have put on a stone of excess weight this year).

Is its usual for milk supply to just dip if you're old? I always thought DS would self-wean but it's starting to look like I might just run out of milk!

LakeFlyPie Sun 23-Mar-14 23:53:25

I have received complaints intermittently over the years regarding amounts of milk available on tap.

I have come to the conclusion that my supply drops quite a lot in the couple of days before my period, not sure about other factors.

Recently DS2 has rejected his usual right breast at bedtime in favour of the "faster" left one.

In spite of reports of insufficient supplies at times it never put them off to the point of self weaning hmm

One of the delights of extended bf IMHO is hearing DC describe their thoughts about it / relationship with bf smile

TheFabulousIdiot Sun 23-Mar-14 23:57:18

Ah, my period is actually a couple of days late (I am not pregnant) so mabe that is it.

Yes, DS is delighted to be able to tell me all sorts of things about my 'oobies'!

I have started encouraging the idea that there may not be any milk as I generally want a better night's sleep.

ItsSpringBaby Mon 24-Mar-14 00:10:36

It seems to decline naturally, and actually at about the same time as you (approaching 3 1/2) I began to notice there was less and less milk. My DS was still going strong so I really don't know why it began to dry up.

I'm 26, so it's definitely not age. In my case I just took it as an opportunity to wean him.

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