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colleysmill Sun 23-Mar-14 23:10:03

Ds 2 is nearly 4 weeks old and dirties every single nappy. And I mean every single one, never by a large amount but he's almost constantly needing changing. Today (daytime) we've changed about 12 nappies, none just wet but all wet and dirty. I know he will need changing in the night several times too.

It's no surprise really that he has the most horrendous nappy rash which is persistent and isn't improving despite trying all the creams available (even metanium isn't helping) nappy off time and checking vigilantly. I should have shares in water and cotton wool.

The hv was a little bit non committal when I spoke to her on Friday saying it's probably normal for him but I honestly can't recall my older dc being like this.

I changed to a lower lactose content formula 2 days ago which has made his poo less watery and significantly reduced the amount of wind he has and reduced the vomitting but still the number of dirty nappies continues. Interestingly ds's also been more settled on the new formula.

Am I being neurotic or is this really normal? I'm really starting to lose perspective - he's gaining weight but this diaherray type poo has me wondering if there is something else going on (some kind of intolerance maybe?) which needs checking out by the GP? I'm really starting to despair.

colleysmill Sun 23-Mar-14 23:13:15

Sorry posted too soon without finishing the title!

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Sun 23-Mar-14 23:15:37

When I first changed over to formula DS did about half a dozen dirty nappies per day, and the HV advised me to see the GP because it was so unusual.
Things did settle down, but it is still worth going to see a doctor.

tethersend Sun 23-Mar-14 23:16:10

DD2 was like this- since DD1 only pooed once a week, I was a bit hmm

She also had very watery poo, was very windy and sicky and was diagnosed with CMP allergy- things improved a great deal on the prescription formula (aptamil pepti) and I switched her to aptamil easy digest at about 8mo with no problems.

Take him to the GP.

colleysmill Sun 23-Mar-14 23:27:48

Thank you for your replies - I switched to apatamil comfort on Friday and its certainly been a better than the previous brand.

I thought maybe it was me imagining things (hormones and all that). He's had nappy rash for weeks now and I feel awful I've only just twigged that maybe there is something not right when you look at the whole picture sad

tethersend Sun 23-Mar-14 23:37:03

Get the GP to look at the nappy rash too- it's possible that he's developed thrush.

Good luck smile

colleysmill Mon 24-Mar-14 07:21:43

Thanks Tethers end, I'm going to see if I can get an appointment today. This has gone on too long.

colleysmill Mon 24-Mar-14 09:25:10

Got an appointment this morning with one my favourite partners in the practice and written a list of my concerns. My dsis has noticed d's Is quite snuffley too. Again on it's own it's not unusual but might tie in.

I'm on my third nappy change now since he woke at 7am sad

TheScience Mon 24-Mar-14 09:55:52

Some babies can't tolerate cow's milk, maybe ask about that?

colleysmill Mon 24-Mar-14 11:05:44

We've been referred for a paediatric opinion for suspected lactose intolerance. Unfortunately she wasn't able to prescribe a lower lactose formula so carrying out with the lowest I can purchase.

Thanks for your responses

TheScience Mon 24-Mar-14 11:12:51

What makes then think lactose rather than cow's milk? As I understand it lactose intolerance is pretty rare/serious in babies and he'd be failing to thrive.

colleysmill Mon 24-Mar-14 11:51:15

She didn't really say anything about the cows milk I guess the paediatrician would probably consider that though? I have to say my own knowledge about allergies/intolerances is sketchy at best.

I've got to get him weighed asap to see if he's lost although I suspect not - he doesn't look as if he isn't thriving to us and doesn't appear to be dehydrated.

colleysmill Wed 26-Mar-14 08:54:07

Little update.

There has been some improvement in that in the last two days we've had two (yes two!) wet only nappies and much less watery bowel movements. We even had a record 4 hours without a poo! The steroid cream is clearing the nappy rash and he is definitely less windy and more settled.

I got him weighed on Monday and he is putting on weight although they want to monitor this to make sure it continues.

So now I'm wondering if it was just the particular brand of formula that didn't agree with him or if there is something underlying tolerance wise?

Any way (cautiously and fingers crossed) things seen to be on the up smile

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