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Trying to wean EBF 14mo DD - need a bit of help please!

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EagleRay Sun 23-Mar-14 19:38:45

Hi - DD is 14mo and was EBF until very recently. Feeds have been cut back to morning and evening for a few months now. I returned to work in January and she went to nursery full time and the feeds she did have seemed to (quite understandably) have extra importance for her.

We could carry on like this, but I need to stop very soon for medical reasons (am about to resume taking Cabergoline, which I take for a pituitary tumour, and had stopped when I became pregnant). As some of you will no doubt know, this drug is also sometimes used to suppress lactation.

I found it too difficult to cut back on remaining feeds one by one and so this weekend we have kind of gone cold turkey! DP did bedtime on Friday eve with a cup of formula (she takes formula pretty well although generally hasn't had much up until now, and isn't always keen to take it when she wants boob)

Mornings are tricky too as she wants to be fed as soon as she wakes up. Yesterday morning I did actually feed her as my boob was so engorged it had leaked all over the bed in the night (first time I have ever had a boob leak in my life, bizarrely). This morning, she screamed so much I let her have two minutes on the boob, then we switched to some EBM, then some formula, and crisis was averted.

Last night, her key worker from nursery babysat and that worked out brilliantly as she was really excited to see her friend and downed 250ml of formula in my absence.

Sorry for long post so far - basically we are trying to deal with each normal feeding time and hope that if we can get past each one with her happy taking some formula or EBM then we are a little closer to her being weaned off BF altogether.

Can anyone tell me how long roughly it takes for a baby her age to be weaned from BF, in terms of her not getting upset? I feel a bit anxious about tomorrow as the biggest trigger point for her is us getting in the door after collection from nursery. As soon as we're over the threshold she suddenly goes crazy and won't even let me take my coat off! DP will be away most of the week as well, so will be dealing with this on my own.

And how long does it take for milk to dry up? Am pumping a little bit but trying not to do it too much.

By the way, a year ago I was posting loads on here as I was the most woeful breastfeeder ever - we had tongue tie, 13% weight loss, mixed feeding regime, and I think I cried nonstop for a couple of months. Had no idea a year down the line I'd be struggling to stop smile

EagleRay Mon 24-Mar-14 07:16:28


Last night was difficult - DD woke at 4am and screamed and screamed. After half an hour I relented and BF her for a short while as she was hysterical and refusing EBM. DP tries to help but he gets v stressy when she cries and finds the whole process of trying to feed her v frustrating

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