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how much should a 24week old feed???

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patsypancake Sun 23-Mar-14 13:47:34

so dd is 24 weeks and Breastfed I started weaning at 17 weeks with just few teaspoons of root veg (bizarre advice from HV which was a whole other mn thread ) she didn't seem interested so I carried on offering a tiny bit every day ish so I didn't confuse her but has only just started to actually EAT it since around 2 weeks ago

she is now wolfing down breakfast eating a half a small childs cup of baby porridge and then veg at night but happily eat 3 ice cube sizes with added milk and then a full bottle after .

I have also very gently started dr Ferber sleep training and is going great except she keeps waking up in the night even after falling asleep with out a peep at bed time .. I cant figure out if she is hungry or if I should sleep train the feeds out of her.. I am making her wait four hours between feeds but is often crying after 2 hours will go back to sleep and keep waking up and falling to sleep until fed .

her general routine as is
up 6am ish Bf
Breaky - rice /porridge 1/2 cup
Bf 9/10 am
nap easily
up 12
BF every 3-4 hours
Dinner 5pm fruit/veg puree
bottle formula 5.45
bath bed 6.30 asleep mayb 5 mins crying
wakes and wimpers a couple of times before 10pm when wakes and I feed then wakes ever 2-4 hours through night .

I don't know weather she keeps waking because I am feeding her back to sleep I try waking her but she just wont wake up and im worried that she really needs it

Ilovelamp2014 Sun 23-Mar-14 14:03:16

My ds is the same age on an average day he would have 30oz's of formula and 3small meals.

He has 2 sleeps during the day
9.30-10.15& 1-3
bed at 7.30pm wakes at 6.30ish normally sleeps through the night but has been waking 2/3 times a night lately, like you I don't know if it's for comfort or hunger but had to feed him a couple of nights at 5am.
I wonder are they just going through a growth spurt at this age?

TheScience Sun 23-Mar-14 15:05:02

My breastfed DS still needed 1-2 night feeds until 9 months, even though he was eating lots in the day.

24 weeks seems a little young for controlled crying though.

Moomey Thu 27-Mar-14 07:21:53

My nearly 24week old isn't on solids yet, still demans feeda regularly during the day and wakes twice in the night.

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