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Stopped bf after 13mo...strange possibly hormonal symptoms and probably tmi so don't read if you're squeamish!

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Shocktothesystem Sun 23-Mar-14 08:04:21

I have recently pretty much stopped bf my almost 14mo partly because he lost interest and partly because I want to become pregnant. I say pretty much, because I think that is the end now but he has been having a little suckle maybe every few days but I don't think there is anything there now worth trying for.

I was feeding morning and evening every day until maybe two weeks ago when some days it would just be one feed until gradually we have had some days with no feeds.

I am also ttc and this is second month trying. Last month we were unsuccessful but my period started with strange bloody discharge for half a day which isnt usual for me. Bleeding then lasted about 6 days which is quite long for me, and since then for the last three days I have thought it is tailoring off but have had the end brown discharge for three days and sometimes just when I think it may be ending, there is some more blood in this too (a streak not a gush). I'm trying to figure out what is going on...could this be a hormone imbalance from stopping bf? I am also taking oil of evening primrose if that makes a difference.

Has anyone experience this? Thanks

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