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50 shades of poo...

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WutheringFrights Sat 22-Mar-14 03:51:53

DS is 9 months old and has been ebf until a month ago. We have recently replaced two feeds a day with formula since he started nursery.
In the past week we have had dark green poo, snotty green poo, snotty yellow poo, curdled poo and now really watery poo.
Could this be a reaction to a change in his diet or should I be more concerned?
He also is slightly off his food but drinking well.

Chells Sat 22-Mar-14 04:16:46

The changes in poo seem similar to when DD1 went from BF to FF, but if too many watery poos it could be a bug confused
As more solid food happening at this age I'd def keep an eye!!

WutheringFrights Sat 22-Mar-14 04:21:06

Thanks Chells, the watery poo only just 3am sad so will keep an eye on him today.

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