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Is there any problem putting milk powder in boiling water?

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cakeandcustard Fri 21-Mar-14 14:27:00

Hi, I've started to give my 11 week old DD a bottle a day and need advice about preparation. The instructions say boiled water not left for more than 30 mins to kill bugs. Can you put the powder directly into boiling water and then dilute with cooled boiled water to the right temp? Or does this not destroy the vits etc? TIA.

AShadowStirsWithin Fri 21-Mar-14 16:14:30

It's a balancing act! Too quickly after boiling the water and yes it can damage the effectiveness of the good bits, but too close to 30 min mark and you've had to hang about hoping you've timed it correctly. I normally boil and then leave for 15 mins. I then make up full bottle - 260ml of water plus correct number of scoops, shake and put in a bowl of tap water. Within a few mins it's cool enough to feed straight away. You could do it the way you've described but you risk the water breaking down some of the components of the milk (vitamins and nutrients etc) or you risk not all of the powder being fully mixed with the water (due to using a fraction f water to scoops) and therefore all the bacteria in the powder not being killed. I'd try and boil and then make up bottle 15 mins later and see how that goes. Better not to take risks IMO esp when you consider that manufacturers don't sterilise the milk powder!

MissRatty Sun 23-Mar-14 13:56:09

The guidance is there because the water needs to be above 70 centigrade to destroy bacteria in the formula, but below 80 so as not to denature or destroy the "leaving a litre to cool for no more than 30 mins" is because the water will then be at the correct temperature. I emailed Aptamil about it and they sent me a pretty helpful response. Boiled water cools quite quickly, and luckily we had a milk thermometer for hubby's coffees so we could gauge the temp when boiling smaller amounts (huge waste of water if you are only giving top ups, or any amount of formula really!). Milk thermometers are quite cheap, but you need to make sure that the bit that takes the temp is immersed in the water.

We got fed up and got the perfect prep machine in the end...bit of a waste as LO is now on infatrini due to poor weight gain, and this comes in ready made bottles!

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