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Leaky boobs..

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StillPukin Thu 20-Mar-14 14:28:43

Does anybody have any tips to help with/stop leaky boobs??

This morning we were out shopping, and yes my DD hadnt fed for a couple of hours so I was full but my top was soaked through even though I was wearing pads. But its kind of all the time.

I'm really hoping its stopped by the time I can go out without a cardigan or coat to cover it up

FrumiousBandersnatch Thu 20-Mar-14 20:21:37

How old is your baby?

DoItTooJulia Thu 20-Mar-14 20:24:07

I was leaky. All the time, even when ds was 6,7,8 mo.

I liked the lasinoh breast pads and just changed them often enough to avoid visible leakage.

Another glam aspect of rearing babies!

Victoria2002 Thu 20-Mar-14 23:20:42

I had this, caused by oversupply. I have LOADS of tips (cut-n-paste to follow). I was really disappointed by this problem and the length of time it took me to find out a few basic tips so keen to share:
I had this problem for 10 months so here's lots of tips: Biological nurturing (leaning back) worked for me too, possibly you can look at it on youtube or get expert advice to find a comfortable position? Also feeding lying on my side facing ds. Also lansinoh breast pads (ocado) are the best. I also bought silicone cups from medela that catch excess milk, I used them to catch the spray sometimes while feeding & poured it into a nearby container. I also bought nursing clothes with two complete layers of fabric at the front, you lift the first up where it stays clean then feed, so any drips etc from feeding are then hidden away when you finish feeding. I also bought lots of cheap bibs at mothercare that were towelling on the front and waterproofed at the back. In public I could spray against the bib when ds moved away to cough. Block feeding didn't work for me, I found it impossible to get a balance between too much & too little supply, I ended up donating milk for special care babies for 6m-very rewarding. And it does get better as your supply will either settle down or your baby will grow to handle it better. Ds never fed longer than 20mins and grew very big very fast-sure he'll be great at downing pints in his teenage years!

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