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Sudden projectile vomiting at 9 weeks

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Mirshid Wed 19-Mar-14 08:46:37

Hi there my baby daughter is EBF and has for the past 4 nights projectile vomited following her 1.30 feed. She has been gaining weight well (jumping from 2nd to 25th centile) and has plenty of wet and dirty nappies. Normally she has always had both breasts at night but last night only took one and no vomiting however at 5 am she took both and promptly threw up. She has not been sick like this before and it's not happened during the day when she tends to snack... Could she just be overfilling?
I am waiting from a call back from HV but she seems absolutely fine in herself so trying not to worry

Clake66 Thu 20-Mar-14 02:47:08

The last baby I looked after with projectile vomiting was younger but it's a symptom of pyloric stenosis and I was covered in formula vomit couldn't get rid of the smell and I will never forget it. Only time I have ever been grateful for wearing glasses.Hopefully you have heard from the HV and it's just over feeding like you said. Eyes bigger than her belly maybe...

Mirshid Thu 20-Mar-14 09:05:18

Well no vomiting last night, I did google pyloric stenosis but I don't think she has this as the milk does not smell and she is not doing it on a regular basis- I really hope not anyway as it sounds very serious.

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