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Severe pain in right breast

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MrsCaptainJackSparrow Tue 18-Mar-14 08:22:09

Hi, I've just woken up with severe pain in my right breast. I've had an achy pain for a while now but still been able to breast feed. I have a suspicion it's thrush although I've been treated for thrush before and the pain was no where near this bad. It's making me feel sick.

Any suggestions as to what it could be of how to soothe it?

Badmumof3 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:17:37

Go and get it checked out. I had a breast access and the pain was excruciating.

crikeybadger Tue 18-Mar-14 10:20:07

Any lumps, redness?
Thrush occurs in both breasts so unlikely to be that....
Anything else going on that might help you work out what's going on? Did you perhaps sleep on that breast?

Have you had any latch problems ?

MrsCaptainJackSparrow Tue 18-Mar-14 12:05:46

Thank you for the replies. I've got a doctors appointment in half an hour.

There was a bit of a lump a couple of days ago which was sore but it's not there now.

I fed from that side in bed this morning and fell asleep. Ds was on and off so his latch might not have been great. I woke up in pain a couple of hours later. Hard to describe, stabbing tissue pain and tender nipple.

crikeybadger Tue 18-Mar-14 14:11:13

Good idea to get it looked at, hope you're

goandshowdaddy Tue 18-Mar-14 14:21:27

Have you had mastitis recently? I had a bout which I thought had been cleared up by antibiotics but then continued to have pain similar to how you describe. The pain was awful, an hour or so after I'd fed. I thought it was thrush as wasn't really the same symptoms as the mastitis but turned out the antibiotics hadn't cleared the first infection so had to have a further course.

Hope you saw the doc and got sorted.

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