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Not enough time...

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DancesinPuddles Mon 17-Mar-14 20:09:07

I have three wonderful children, ds1 is 6, ds2 is 4 and now I have beautiful dd who is 5 weeks. Both sons were breastfed.
Dd is a keen feeder but my problem is she never gets to feed for as long as she wants to because we always have to be somewhere - school, nursery, swimming lessons etc. In the evenings and at night we have more time because dh is home.
I worry that she isn't getting enough milk. We still get occasional green nappies, and she is so sad when I have to unlatch her to go to school or wherever. Often she will cry the whole way.
The hv said to let her feed for as long as and often as she wants to build up milk supply but this simply isn't possible!
What do you think? Will she get used to feeding in short bursts? How do other people manage?

5madthings Mon 17-Mar-14 20:11:21

It Will sort itself out, she will get bigger and quicker at feeding and more efficient.

Do you have a good sling you can feed her in? Then you can feed on the go.

ShoeWhore Mon 17-Mar-14 20:20:01

With ds3 I used to anticipate him being hungry a bit, to get us through those busy times. In the mornings I fed him before the others got up (so he got a really good feed in firt thing) and then might offer him a topup over breakfast time or just before we needed to leave.

With afternoon pick ups, if I thought he might be hungry soon, I'd either offer a feed half an hour before we needed to go or give him a quick 5 mins if that wasn't possible. If a feed was unavoidably interrupted then I just offered again as soon as possible.

He did become an incredibly efficient feeder smile It's early days for you, I'm sure you will find ways of managing it and it will get easier as she gets bigger and can take more milk in each feed.

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