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Milk drying up

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goodbyegoodbye Mon 17-Mar-14 04:00:39

Ds is 8 mo. I bf him from bed time, through the night until his first morning feed, then ff during the day.

Recently I've been I'll and also has a couple of evenings where I've had to work late, and now I don't seem to be producing enough milk. The last two nights I've bf for 1.5 hrs and still had to top up with formula. It us 4am now and I have been feeding ds since 3.15. He keeps falling asleep but if I try to unlatch him he cries for more milk.

I find ff really difficult at night - unless we buy the ready made stuff which we can't afford. Do would like to carry on bf for a few more months, but Toby know how to get my supply back ip.

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