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Really HAVE to give up breast feeding, but can't...

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binkybonk Sun 16-Mar-14 12:41:45

DS#2 is 13 months, planned to feed him as long as he wanted really, DS#1 stopped at 15 months entirely off his own bat but would be happy with more or less. DS2 breastfeeds at night (I work full time) and is a boob monster. He feeds at bedtime, somewhere between 9-12ish and then on and off from 2ish at which point I am usually sleeping in the double bed in his room, so we co-sleep half the night at least.

Anyway, in 6 weeks I have to undergo a 'serious medical procedure' as work term it, full hip replacement (at 36, eek!) and there are a few problems:
1. I have to have the surgery in the UK (a 13hr flight away from where I live). I am aiming to be in the UK for 10 days before returning.

2. Even when I am back over here, my mobility will be limited at best, no weight bearing on the leg, very specific heights for sitting, no tossing and turning to feed in bed etc.

So... at the moment there is currently almost no way to comfort DS2 back to sleep except with the breast... DS1 had a dummy for a little bit and it was a lifesaver but 2 is unimpressed, toys have been cuddled and tucked up with him from the beginning, not fussed, we have even bought one of those god-awful music and light things for the room, he doesn't even look at it. He screams blue murder at anyone else who holds him, unless they switch a light on and basically get him up. He will drink cows milk in a bottle from any passerby in the daytime, but night is mummy time and I need to break it in 6 weeks!!!

I did have the 'no cry sleep solution' book for 1 but have lent it out and as far as I recall it was basically nothing different to things I have tried so far, but I could be wrong... Anything involving proper 'cut and run' (ie cry it out) won't work for us not sure on the 'damaging' claims but I certainly don't have the strength to listen to my child cry in another room when I could be cuddling them, working mum needs all the cuddles I can get. Yes, I do know I'm the problem in this scenario wink

Any ideas to save my little boy from a crappy time ahead? (His father would be most grateful for ideas too as he is panicking...!)

Thanks thanks

InspirationFailed Sun 16-Mar-14 18:48:35

I have no idea, I wanted to bump your post for you though so hopefully someone knowledgable will see it.

NK5BM3 Sun 16-Mar-14 19:03:36

Hi there
I would do it by staying out of the house till after bedtime. Or leave the house when it's time for bedtime and sit in the car or somewhere till it's safe.

I bf dc1 till he was 2 and dd till she was 3+. At 3 I could reason with her and told her it was all gone but it was vv difficult. I was also working ft since they were both 6 months old. I'd pat her to sleep and bought new bras which couldn't unhook.

Good luck. I'd been to several work events in the evening and dd coped so it is doable.

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