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Mastitis and 13 month old

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KittyOSullivanKrauss Sun 16-Mar-14 11:29:05

Hope someone can advise. I've got ruddy mastitis in my right breast. Feel lowsy. Out of hours GP has prescribed antibiotics and DH has gone out with the DCs to pick them up.

DD is 13 months and only tends to feed 2-3 times in a 24 period (unusually early hours of morning, afternoon nap or after I get home from work & bedtime). I know I need to feed as normal through a bout of mastitis but the last time I had it was when DS was newborn so normal was very frequent. As DD is older I wasn't sure whether to try and feed more frequently than we would do otherwise. I didn't want to encourage more milk production in case that got me into trouble again when I'm at work (I work pt, just weds & fri at the moment & I get back in time to feed her in the afternoon if she's keen). Hope someone can help.

Sneezy86 Sun 16-Mar-14 12:32:15

I've just got over a really bad bout of mastitis and in the end I just rode it out. On day 2 when my temp reached 38.5 I went to doc and got antibiotics but that evening temp had gone down so after some online research I decided to hold off on the antibiotics until the next day as virtually all cases will go away on their own (even severe ones) and I didn't want the risk of thrush etc. As temp had reduced I assumed my body had already begun fighting it and upon waking on day 3 I felt a million times better so didn't bother with the antibiotics.

a hot bath really helped (and I'm someone who usually hates baths) and I took ibuprofen.

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