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Getting beyond the 8 month mark?

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LittleMilla Thu 13-Mar-14 20:26:09

Fed DS1 until then and thought I'd be able to get DS2 past it but struggling.

He has a bottle for 11am feed as I was sick and tired of trying to wrestle him for long enough to feed in public - the world has seen my boobs.

He's currently fed 7am, 2/3pm and 7pm.

I'm back to work after Easter and am wondering if I just wind it down now. He's just such a non-stop wriggler/gawper and every sound or movement. I've also been bitten a couple of times recently and it's got me wondering.

How the efffing hell do people manage to feed beyond this age!?!?!?

ALittleFaith Thu 13-Mar-14 22:16:44

Dd dropped to 2 BF feeds with 2 FF (11am and 6pm FF). I'm still feeding her at 11 months once a day in the morning - no distractions in her bedroom. She's pretty quick now! I'm fortunate, she's fairly focused and has never bitten me well not on the boob, arm is another matter! which is why we can carry on. I'm not sure she'd feed well in public now. She's too nosy!

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