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Tips for winding down from expressing full time?

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Snozwanger Thu 13-Mar-14 15:37:54

Hi there. I've been expressing full time now for 11 weeks (c-section baby with jaundice/never latched). I've reached the end of the expressing road now and have over the past week halved my pumping time in order to reduce my supply so I can switch baby to formula. So far I've dropped a pumping session anyway as I struggled to fit it in the evening. I now pump 7 mins each side instead of 15, 4 times a day (one at night). It's been exactly a week so wondering whether to drop the night pump tonight...

Does anyone have any experience of this and any tips to wind down completely? I really don't want to risk getting mastitis.

TheScience Thu 13-Mar-14 15:44:18

I'd treat it the same as dropping direct feeds and drop one session every 3-7 days.

Vixjane Thu 13-Mar-14 16:04:30

Hi, i did this 3 weeks ago at 12 weeks. First of all, well done, it's a hard road. What i did was to increase the time between pumping sessions, so i went from 3 hourly to 4 hourly then 5 hourly then i dropped the night feed then increased the time further between day pumps and the lastfew days i only expressed a couple of times to relieve engorgement. Once the night pump went it all dropped off quite quickly. I had to knead a few lumps in the shower but nothingmajor. Hth x

Snozwanger Fri 14-Mar-14 18:47:36

Thanks for your advice Vixjane. It's nice to hear from someone in a similar position as I haven't spoken to anyone who's solely expressed.

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