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Away with work

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Kopparbergkate Thu 13-Mar-14 10:23:21

I'm currently BF 11 month old. He's started nursery and has ebm there from a cup, morning and evening bm from me. It's all working ok. Thing is, I have a conference coming up at the end of May where I'll be away for 5 days. I'm looking forward to it except... that will mean the end of breastfeeding won't it? Even if I can express whilst I'm away, I'm worried that my supply will be ruined and/or DS will take 5 days without boob as a sign to wean...

Has anyone had any experience of taking a break like this and getting back to BF, or am I looking at definitely stopping then?

leedy Thu 13-Mar-14 17:16:51

I went away for five days for work while still BF DS1, expressed twice a day while I was away, and managed to resume no problem (he dived on me the second I got in). He was admittedly a bit older (nearly 2) but I get the impression that once you're past a year your supply is pretty bombproof.

Kopparbergkate Fri 14-Mar-14 15:18:32

Oh, thank you! It looks like it might not spell the end then! I am (probably, too) keen for DS to BF as long as he wants to... It didn't go so well with Dd (understatement!) and I really beat myself up so I want to keep going with DS smile

CityDweller Fri 14-Mar-14 18:04:34

I have a similar thing - away for work on two ocasions coming up, DD (11mo) is in childcare now and takes ebm twice a day from cup and I bf morning and bedtime. I'm taking a hand pump with me and going to express morning and night while I'm away to keep supply going/ stop boobs exploding.

slightlyglitterstained Fri 14-Mar-14 18:54:26

Just pack plenty of breastpads alongside the pump! I went away when DS was 15 months. I didn't realise pumping wouldn't be as effective as feeding at removing milk so ended up a lot leakier than usual (though I have always been on the more leaky side, it's only now at 18 months I can start doing without them).

I got back in the early hours of the morning rather uncomfortable after not having had the opportunity to pump all the last day or while travelling, DS was snuggled up in bed with DP & latched on without waking up assisted by me waggling my poor overfull boobs in his face.

Wisteria36 Tue 18-Mar-14 15:08:34

I'd think you'll be fine - I had several work trips of up to 5 days starting when ds1 was about 9 months and each time I thought it might be the end but he always went back to it and I fed him till he was nearly 4 (in fact had to be quite determined to get him to wean, he didn't self wean at all). Hoping ds2 will be the same as have a few days away when he's 10 months in the autumn. I always expressed while away, initially every few hours but after he was one more like just morning and evening and towards the end not at all.

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