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Formula feeding at 6 weeks

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Doodle1983 Wed 12-Mar-14 16:58:36

My DS is coming up to 6 weeks old and for the last day or two had started to go 4 hours between every feeds. I'm hoping obviously that he'll start to go longer in the night as the weeks go on, but what can I expect routine wise? I know everyones different but say he starts to go 5 hours at night will he want feeding still every 3/4 in the day? And when he goes longer like 8 hours what does that do to daytime feeding typically? Would be great to know some other FF feeding schedules around the same age??


Mogz Thu 13-Mar-14 08:43:34

At 6 weeks it's recommended to be feeding on demand, so no routines as such. My lo is now 13 weeks and we have just got a routine of feeds of about 150-180ml at 0730, 1130, 1530, 1930 and 2230 with a night time sleep from 2300-0700

cosmicnoodle Fri 14-Mar-14 09:14:22

Hi my little dude is almost 8 weeks old. We feed on demand too anything between 100-200ml a feed. We don't have particular times but he tends to feed almost every hour from about 6am-10am then sleeps till about 12ish from then on he takes his feeds every 2 or 3 hours until about 8pm. We do one night feed at 1.30am as that's all he wakes for. I know on the Apatamil bottles it says that at this age they should take 150ml every 5 hours but I guess that's just a guide. As long as they are happy and satisfied then it's all good!

Doodle1983 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:34:26

Thanks. We are feeding on demand, and it's typically between 3 and 4 1/2 hours. I'm nervous to let him go longer than 4 1/2 hours so have on occasion woke him up.. Silly?

He was a low birth weight 4 15oz and for he first few weeks I was waking him every 3 hours to feed as I wanted to fill him up. I estimate him to be about 7lb now and taking usually 120-150ml at each feed.. For his size it's quite a lot which doesn't concern me, in fact I'm pleased! Perhaps I can relax about a longer gap between feeds? He does tend to go longer in the day than at night.. He sleeps better in the day than at night if he's out in his pram or car seat

stressbucket1 Sun 16-Mar-14 04:32:17

As long as he gets the right amount in 24 hrs I wouldn't worry about waking him at night. I would wake him to feed in the day though so he starts to know the difference

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