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Moving from breast to bottle, and weaning. And confused!

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Neiffer Wed 12-Mar-14 12:26:49

I'm not sure if this is the right topic area, so tell me to shift it if so smile
I'm currently moving my 8.5 month old from being ebf to bottles in preparation for my return to work. We had a few weeks of forcing a bottle on him as he wouldn't take one, and now he's refusing the boob instead! Anyway, I'm basically just doing the night feed now and any feeds during the night. My question/worry is the amount and timing of feeds that he's having. Hs rough routine is as follows (it's built around his 2 year old brothers who is quite difficult to move out of routine so please bear this in mind when reading)
3-4am night breast feed
6am approx wake up - wont feed
6:30 breakfast - normally toast based as we're BLW
8am 5/6oz then nap
9:30/10ish snack with big bro, rice cakes or similar
11:30 lunch
12ish 5oz ish then a two hour nap
3ish snack with big brother as morning
4:30 tea, again BLW so not a huge amount going in,but will eat a whole petit filous for pudding
5:45 porridge made with 3oz formula (introduced prior to stopping Breastfeeding as he sleeps longer
7pm bed with Breastfeed.

I'm worried he isn't getting enough milk as with other son he had milk spprox an hour before meals. Due to doing toddler things etc this just isn't possible, especially with lunch. He gets really cross if not given a snack when his brother has one. I think he should probably have a bottle mid afternoon but he's not generally interested. What do you think? I'd like to drop the bedtime Breastfeed soon, but last time I gave him a bottle at bed he puked it all back up....

malteser17 Wed 12-Mar-14 13:48:13

Given the amount of food he's having, all of which have milk or water as part of them, I wouldn't worry too much about the extra milk feeds. What are you doing with your 8.5 month old once you go back to work? If he's going to nursery then they're pretty good at helping to get a routine established.

I think, looking at your rough routine that the 4.30 tea is where my son has the second bottle because I don't pick him up from nursery until 5.45 so he has his tea around 6 and then bed around 7 to 7.30pm. I would love to get some porridge/Weetabix in him as well to help him sleep longer (which we're really struggling with) but because of timing he's just not hungry anymore.

In short, as long as he's putting weight on and developing well then I really wouldn't stress about it. Every baby is different despite what the parenting books would have us believe!

ilovepowerhoop Wed 12-Mar-14 13:55:08

20oz is the recommendation up to 1 year and includes milk in cereal, in foods, etc as well as dairy products so it sounds like he is getting enough

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