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return to work - cutting out breastfeeds

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YBR Mon 10-Mar-14 18:04:48

My 3mo is currently bf mostly with one ff most days. In a couple of months i'll be going back to work and don't plan to express.
I'll still do morning and evening feeds if that works.
Has anyone cut down bf like this? I'd like some advice on how long would be sensible to leave as I don't want to be engorged and leaky at work.

ALittleFaith Mon 10-Mar-14 21:49:01

There's quite a bit of useful advice on Kellymom about this. I BF DD (now 11mo). We introduced a FF after her bath initially, then as her routine became more structured introduced another so by 6 months she was having BF breakfast time, FF 11, BF at 3, FF at bedtime. Then I switched to FF at 3. She's since dropped the 11am feed.
Advice is to drop one feed a week at most (more time if possible) and express to make yourself comfortable but not a whole feed so your supply adjusts.

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