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10wk old mainly bf suddenly refusing bottles

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Rachie1986 Mon 10-Mar-14 10:25:25

So my 10wk old dd has had a bottle a day since 5days old. Originally ebm and then formula after a couple of weeks.
A few weeks ago this dropped to every few days, no problems.

Now the last few days she's refused a bottle at all.
What can we do? Anyone had the same?
Desperate as there are a couple of evenings ahead where I'm meant to be out and need her to take a bottle from oh or pils. Also will need to switch to formula fed before weaning due to return to work,

Pookier Mon 10-Mar-14 20:28:08

My 20 week old bf baby would intermittently refuse a bottle of EBM now and then, I suspect that he wanted the breast for comfort as well as hunger and the taste of a bottle teat didn't meet this need- my HV told me that a baby can take or refuse a bottle anytime but after 6 months is when they're likely to make a proper choice and totally refuse or finally accept- before then it's all a matter of temperament.

ALittleFaith Mon 10-Mar-14 21:43:07

My DD was the same. BF from birth but given a bottle of EBM once a day from 3wo. Then suddenly got really fussy on the bottle at 12 weeks. My understanding is it's really common. We just persevered and now at nearly 11 months she's BF once a day and takes bottles at her two other feeds. She's quite happy with either but she grins when I get my boobs out!

ALittleFaith Mon 10-Mar-14 21:44:15

Oh we switched from tommy tippee closer to nature bottles to avent too, she seemed to get one better with them.

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