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Should I/ Do you limit time in the sling?

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yadiyadiya Mon 10-Mar-14 01:53:40

Ds (13 wks/8 wks adj) will not sleep in his cot during the day. He will happily sleep in his cot on his own through the night going down awake between 8 and 9 settling himself by sucking his hands. He will sleep in his cot all night settling well after feeds (usually 2) before we are up for the day at 6 - 6.30. I just don't understand why we can't achieve even 1 sleep in his cot through he day!
I am happy to carry ds in the sling, I feel less anxious and jittery when I do, knowing I can focus my attention on my other 2 children, however he can sometimes spend 2 -3 hours in there. I am ebf him and wondered if this is too long?
Dd would not sleep during the day however, she was my first so I was happy to sit for hours with her sleeping in my arms. Ds was a champion sleeper and settled well in his cot during the day, until the witching hour came and he spent all evening in the sling.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

TheScience Mon 10-Mar-14 01:56:10

Sounds fine to me. What specifically worries you about the sling?

DaleyBump Mon 10-Mar-14 01:56:28

Not really sure what you're asking but I don't limit time in the sling. My DS is in it all day and only comes out when he gets restless. He's 14 weeks.

yadiyadiya Mon 10-Mar-14 02:09:22

Thanks for responding and sorry for the confusion. I was wondering how often you put your ds/dd in the sling? You say all day, so how long can it be after taking your dc out will they go back in. Obviously I understand this can vary hugely depending on age, hunger etc, I usually wait until ds is ready for a sleep, do a final feed and in he goes.
I am worried about him sleeping for too long because when he has had a big sleep in the sling, he feeds quite frantically, and never seems content after a feed.

DaleyBump Mon 10-Mar-14 03:06:28

Not sure about the feeding aspect but I'm always on the go out of the house (I get really stir crazy) and he falls asleep in it straight away. He can be in there for hours and only wakes for a feed so I take him out for a while but how long depends on how busy I am/where I am/how long he feeds for. Usually after half an hour he's happy to go back in. No such thing as sleeping too long as this age smile he's not usually in it if we're in the house because he doesn't sleep during the day and just wants to play so unless I'm going for a long walk where I know he'll fall asleep (instead of pottering around the house) he's not in the sling.

yadiyadiya Mon 10-Mar-14 03:51:09

Thanks Daleybump, he sounds like a happy chap :-)

We live in South East Asia, averages 33 degrees most days so we spend a lot of time in the house until it cools down around 5 ish. Then I take the other two out to play or to the park.

Anybody else, with regards to the feeding, is this within the realms of normal 8 week old behaviour. There is only one English speaking breastfeeding support group here who have checked our latch and for tongue tie so I can't get a second opinion.

ipswichwitch Mon 10-Mar-14 08:51:22

Is the frantic feeding not cluster feeding? My 12 wo DS does this every evening - either from about 7-10 or 10 - 12 depending on wether he had a nap after bath. He does this kin of on/off thing with frantic rooting about then finally comes off, does a big sigh and falls asleep for a good few hours!

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 10-Mar-14 08:59:00

As long as it is a proper sling (not Baby Bjorn style) and supports baby's bum from knee pit to knee pit, and supports his back then there is no limit that I know of...

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