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After pains and no wee

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MummyPig24 Sun 09-Mar-14 15:44:43

Baby is only around 8 hours old and has fed 4 times since birth, first time for around 40 mins and then 15/20mins thereafter. The after pains get so bad when feeding I have to stop and take him off. Is this going to be enough if I keep wimping out?

When will this get better? Can't believe how awful they are, this is my 3rd baby so I know they get worse with each one but this is like labour. And labour is all too fresh in my mind!

Had latch checked and all fine, seems satisfied after feeding but no wet nappy yet. Just one little poo.

tiktok Sun 09-Mar-14 16:10:03

Hi. These are both situations to ask the midwife about. After pains usually stop by themselves after a couple of days. You can use paracetamol in advance. Yours sound very bad.

Check the baby's wee by putting a cotton wool ball inside nappy. Could be the nappy is absorbing the wee too well so you can't tell what he has done.

But ask the midwife.

Congrats on your new little one!

MummyPig24 Sun 09-Mar-14 16:22:22

We have wee and poo! In spectacular style.

I had paracetamol at 12 so they should be coming round soon and I will ask them.

Thank you.

SpoonfulOfJam Sun 09-Mar-14 18:39:54

Congratulations. Can you get your partner to bring in some ibuprofen. Works well with paracetamol and ok now baby is out.

littleducks Sun 09-Mar-14 18:43:02

I would have had gas and air to deal with the after pains if they had allowed it. make sure the MW gives you proper pain killers not paracetamol, least time they said codeine want allowed if breastfeeding but gave me something almost as good instead.

ChocolateHelps Sun 09-Mar-14 18:50:58

There's def strong pain killers available post birth compatible with bf, think post c section! Don't hold back on describing the pain and remind them it's your 3rd baby so they take into account how much stronger it gets with each baby.

One positive, it's the feeling of your uterus shrinking back down with each feed smileshock

MummyPig24 Sun 09-Mar-14 19:57:22

I had some diclofenac and paracetamol and a heat pack. Last feed was much less painful. And he did another poop.

The fragmin injection however was hideous!

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