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Newborn feeding

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Volleyfeet Sun 09-Mar-14 00:43:57

Hello looking for some advice from more experienced mums!
My DD is 4 days old and breastfed. Struggled on day 1 and has lost some weight so have been advised to feed at least 3 hourly. We are managing that and latch seems better. Milk came in last night and since that her time feeding has been a lot less. Previously feeding for about 20 mins at a time now about 10 mins but fairly frequently. Lots of wet and dirty nappies.

She has a long feed occasionally, up to 30 mins. Should I count the 3 hours from this longer feed or does every feed count? Should I be stripping her off and trying to wake her to get fewer longer feeds or is what she is doing ok?

Many thanks from a tired, clueless new mum!

RockCrushesLizard Sun 09-Mar-14 00:51:51

Congratulations! Lucky you to haves squishy new baby smile

When timing feeds, three hours means from the start of the last feed, so if she starts to eat at two, you give her another feed no later than five.
Obviously more often if she demands it!

At this stage, I wouldn't worry about trying to make her take feeds that will keep her going as it were, just let her come off herself and she'll get there.

Enjoy the snuggles!

wherethewildthingis Sun 09-Mar-14 00:55:05

Hello, I have one boy of seven months so I will try to advise! It sounds like you are doing brilliantly, the early days are very hard so well done for getting this far. It does get a lot, lot easier really soon. To start off with your baby will do a lot of feeding and sometimes what is called "cluster feeding" to get your milk supply up. So this sounds like what's happening, a lot of short little feeds then some long ones. Eventually she will start to settle to a bit more of a routine but I wouldn't massively worry for now, so long as she has lots of wet and dirty nappies. I would say let her go three hours between feeds, even if it's a short feed, for now. If you only count the long ones you may well not do anything but feed!
My best advice is make sure you eat loads, you really are eating for two now. And, generally labour wards are happy for you to ring any time for advice. I did this lots of times in the middle of the night. So if you ever feel worried, remember they are there.
Good luck from one new mum to another!

Volleyfeet Sun 09-Mar-14 01:02:26

Thank you both. That is reassuring to hear! Will keep going as I am doing and hope that is sufficient to stop her loosing any more weight. Good tip about labour ward I might give them a bell if I think of any other queries.
I am enjoying the snuggles and her newborn smell!
Thanks again

Volleyfeet Sun 09-Mar-14 01:03:18

Losing sorry!

wherethewildthingis Sun 09-Mar-14 01:21:07

I am massively impressed you noticed and corrected that typo thanks you are clearly more with it than me! There is also a good website called, oddly, Kellymoms which is literally the bible of breast feeding. It's well worth a look.

OutNumberedByBlue2 Sun 09-Mar-14 08:04:03

Congratulations on your new dd! The mention of squishy newborns & the lovely newborn smell has made me feel all broody!

What she's doing sounds completely normal. It's quite normal for a newborn to loose up to 10% of their birth weight so as long as she doesn't go over that no need to panic. The 3 hours as a pp said is from the start of the feed & definitely count the little feeds - she's doing the newborn equivalent of having a snack grin

With the little feeds I used to tickle ds2's feet or swap sides / positions just to see if he wanted a bit more, if he did great & if not he was just ready for a snooze so I just made sure my boob was ready when he was. Also the early newborn feeding isn't just about food it's about being close to the centre of their world, their Mummy & being attached to your boob is a pretty effective way to meet that need. Newborns also have a massive need to suck so once again bf meets that need too.

Lots of wet & dirty nappies is a great sign she's getting what she needs, well done on your great start & enjoy your new baby!

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