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anyone know anything about colief?

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sprite25 Thu 06-Mar-14 07:27:46

DD has been prescribed colief and it says on the leaflet and website to add the drops and wait half hr. I understand it needs time to break down the lactose in the milk but does it really need the full half hr? In the day I can roughly work out when she wants feeding and start to prepare it an hr before but more often then not she ends up screaming for a bottle obviously this always happens through night as I can't predict when she will wake up. It advises against making bottles up too far in advance on the formula carton but I know other people do it, or should I just put up with having to make her wait? Sorry for the rambling post

geekaMaxima Thu 06-Mar-14 10:46:52

I'm only throwing this out there as a guess, but here goes.

When bf, the instructions are to express a tiny bit at the start of the feed, add the Colief and give it to baby, then feed as normal. Perhaps the slower pace of bf allows the Colief to still act while in the gti.

So perhaps a similar approach could work for ff. Add Colief to a small amount, give it to her, then feed the bottle slowly, with lots of little breaks. You should know from her behaviour / comfort if the Colief is still helping.

That said, the Colief website does suggest a strategy if you're comfortable making up bottles in advance and storing them in the fridge. (Yes, not advised, but there are safer ways to do it - rapid cooling and keeping at back of fridge until use are key).

moonmrs Thu 06-Mar-14 13:37:06

We used Colief but I was breastfeeding so know its different, but there is a number on the box which we rang when we needed some help and they were very very helpful, so I'd advise giving them a call if you're unsure.

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