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Who else is breastfeeding in pregnancy and how is it going?

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weebairn Wed 05-Mar-14 11:58:08

Better than I feared - nearly 11 weeks here.
Baby is 17 months and has just dropped to one feed in the morning. So it's not too demanding.
This morning she got up at 5am but I took her into my bed and she was happy feeding for nearly an hour! Bliss to remain lying down.

In fact so far I'd say it's been a positive experience - no sore nipples yet, boobs not at all painful whereas in the last pregnancy they were very sore, boobs no bigger! which is great.

Not sure how it will be as the pregnancy goes on though, and undecided about stopping.

Anyone else?

clairikins Wed 05-Mar-14 13:17:47

I am 16 weeks pregnant and still feeding a 13 month old. Not really having any trouble with it. Not planning on stopping. Hoping that establishing BFing the next will be easier and will be easier to tranistion

TerrariaMum Wed 05-Mar-14 19:14:48

I am bfing DD2 10 mo while 32 wks with DC3 (bit of a lovely surprise). Tis ok.

But I bf DD1 throughout my pg with DD2 and at around 20 weeks, bfing DD1 began to feel a bit weird and I had to grit my teeth to do it. I asked my local LLL leader about this. It is called 'breastfeeding aversion' and is completely normal and it passes or it did in my experience. Not every woman has this happen of course.

I'm telling you because I wished someone had told me that this was a possibility. Then I wouldn't have worried about it as much.

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