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Insatiable appetite-6 week old

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Inapickle123 Wed 05-Mar-14 11:42:21


DS is six and a bit weeks and feeding and sleeping is a total nightmare. I'm not naive; he's only six weeks but I was hoping someone who has been there can pass on words of wisdom.

Couldn't BF because of medication I'm on so we went to bottles and Aptamil 1. For the first two weeks he was a rubbish feeder (15/20ml per feed absolute max-was 6lb 10£. Anyhow, as the weeks went on, his quantities have gradually increased and-with this-the issues have started.

He now feeds every 3-3 1/2 hours, taking between 4-5 ounces each feed (7 bottles a day) Well over the recommended amount for his his age/stage (now 10lb) but he's ravenous all the time.

After many nights of him screaming himself awake in pain, the Dr diagnosed silent reflux and tried gaviscon (didn't agree with him-it was horrific). We just started aptamil reflux yesterday, using DR Brown and teat size 3 to see if we can improve his sleep and comfort during the day.

Anyway, he woke at 12 drained the bottle within 6 minutes (5oz) and went flipping bananas when I tried to burp him-full scale meltdown even though the bottle was almost done and he needed to burp.

He then tossed and turned and woke up screaming for another bottle at about 3 (he'd normally go 3-31/2 hours). Same pattern-drained the bottle, screamed when it was done and fought the burping.

Repeat at 6. This is a slight improvement as usually by this time, he'd be up screaming in agony.

We cuddles when he woke naturally T 730 and both went back to sleep when he woke up
Howling for food at 845. However, when I gave him the bottle, he took maybe 1-2oz only.

Clearly the teat size is too fast but it needs to be teat 3 to allow for the thicker liquid-suggestions? Also, we really need to cut down on the formula (HV has threatened the baby dietician!!!) and try and get him eating his quantities during the day, rather than at night feeds as I'm sure this is contributing to his reflux and uncomfiness.

I'm a FTM so pretty clueless-should I try and fobb him off with cool boiled water during one of the night feeds???

Xmasbaby11 Wed 05-Mar-14 21:25:18

Why did you need a faster teat - is the formula thicker than normal? If so, I would suggest watering it down a bit and using size 1 teats. I don't know if the formula is thicker for a reason though?

The other thing you could do is pause in the middle of feeding to rest, burp him and then offer him the bottle again, just to slow down the process.

Also, maybe cooled boiled water after half the feed - that's supposed to be good for settling wind.

If he hates being burped soon after feeding, have you tried just holding him calmly for a few mins before trying it? Or just doing in very gently. Try some different ways of burping, e.g. lying on his back, to find something comfortable and effective.

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