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Stopping breastfeeding cold turkey. Will it work? Did you?

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MrCabDriver Tue 04-Mar-14 21:35:07

DD was 2 last week.

I'm so ready to stop now!

Have tried cutting down along the last 2 months but I always give in to her.

Today I picked her up from the childminders...came home did dinner etc and kept distracting her...bathed her then put her to bed. I said no "all gone" etc ... she cried loudly for about 2 minutes then stopped and took the bottle of milk (cows) I'd given her.... then fell asleep!!!!
This was amazing.

Was it a fluke night? Could she be ready too, for defeating so quickly?

I'd like to go cold turkey instead of cutting down to be can I prevent mastitis??

Thanks in advance!

HumphreyCobbler Tue 04-Mar-14 21:39:23

I stopped feeding both my older dc on the same day. I just reached a cut off point. DS didn't notice, but DD was not impressed and we had a few temper tantrums but it passed after a couple of days.

I think you are supposed to try not to express, but I got sore so I hand expressed a bit in the bath. I think I took neurofen? How often are you feeding at the moment?

Smartiepants79 Tue 04-Mar-14 21:41:13

I know it will work, if you stay strong and stick with it.
She may well ask again tomorrow and the next day and the next but if its what you want can't give in.
Mine gave up at around 14months. We went cold turkey but we were only on 2 feeds a day and they had never been fed it sleep. It was my choice but neither of mine even noticed!
I got quite engorged but it eased after a couple of days. It may depend on how much she has been feeding.

NachoAddict Tue 04-Mar-14 21:41:34

Ds is 19 months and it seems never ending. I tried cutting down but he didn't agree.

Good luck, please keep updating.

Smartiepants79 Tue 04-Mar-14 21:42:25

I would express a little bit if it gets bad. It will probably mean it takes longer for the milk to stop coming but might be more comfy.

MrCabDriver Tue 04-Mar-14 21:47:47

We feed a lot more than twice a day!

I would say twice in the daytime (afternoon onwards)...1 before bed...and at least 2 in the night.

So roughly at least 5 times in any full day/night.

I think I will definitely stick to it. I've got this urge of strength this evening!!

I have tried a few times but like you Nacho she was never impressed and I kept giving in...tonight she just gave in really quickly! I'm hoping that she's remembering mummy seems to be saying no more often now!!
2 minutes of crying is nothing, trust me lol, she's thrown some killer tantrums for being refused before!

I've always fed to bed, I just lay next to her tonight. (that will be out next challenge, 1 step at a time).

I think the next hard bit will be refusing in the night, I've got her water beaker there ready.

I will definitely update.....

HumphreyCobbler Tue 04-Mar-14 21:50:08

good luck

I sent DH in with a cup of milk.

MrCabDriver Tue 04-Mar-14 21:52:17

Just me and her unfortunately!

I was going to ask my sister to come and stay for a few days, but I will go for it tonight......

HumphreyCobbler Tue 04-Mar-14 21:56:20

hang on in there - I am feeding a five month old baby atm and I am really looking forward to stopping. I don't think this one will get fed until they can ask for it, poor baby grin

ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged Tue 04-Mar-14 21:58:30

Good luck. It's never worked for me, but that's because I'm a total wimp.

Sending you strength tonight!

HumphreyCobbler Tue 04-Mar-14 22:01:07

I remember the moment I decided to stop last time. I had been feeding continuously for three and a half years, I tandem fed throughout my second pg and carried on feeding both. I had an epiphany at a garden party when I suddenly felt absolutely sure it was time to stop.

Don't get me wrong, it was great to do it. But also nice to stop.

pasbeaucoupdegendarme Tue 04-Mar-14 22:03:23

I was only feeding once a day and went cold turkey about three weeks ago. First week was fine, second week dd was ridiculously clingy (including being awake at all hours). Now I'm back to feeding again...

(Dd is 19mo, btw).

MrCabDriver Tue 04-Mar-14 22:07:52

That's exactly it Humphrey ....I've just had enough. 2 years is enough!

Oh dear pasbeau :-(

Does it bother you or are you happy to go on for a bit more?

MrCabDriver Tue 04-Mar-14 23:25:23

Okay we had first wake up about 10:50pm.

Refused breast!
Whole process of getting her back to sleep took about 15 minutes, just over.

She cried for about 15 seconds, laid down and tried to go to sleep rolling around. Sat up crying again and lashed out at me!
Drunk some more of her water then picked up the empty bottle and asked for milk, I filled it up with some more cows milk, she cuddled the bottle then fell back asleep!

So far, so good.

ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged Tue 04-Mar-14 23:32:06

Well done. Stay strong x

MrCabDriver Tue 04-Mar-14 23:46:48

Second waking. Tried to climb out of bed holding bottle of milk still.
I put her back into bed, she was half asleep. Didn't look for boob but whinged for about 10 seconds.

Straight back to sleep!

....still cuddling the bottle of milk hmm

Paintyfingers Tue 04-Mar-14 23:58:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrCabDriver Wed 05-Mar-14 13:45:16

Third waking was at 5 am.... I fed her confused I was half asleep and we Co sleep!

She tried again at 6.30, I said no and she didn't mind just went back to sleep for a bit.

Picked her up from childminders, put her down for a nap, refused but she kicked up the biggest fuss! much more than in the night.

No painty I wouldn't do it if she was too distressed - I tried before and she was very distressed so I didn't continue. she's taking it all much better so far

NachoAddict Wed 05-Mar-14 18:23:00

Sounds like

NachoAddict Wed 05-Mar-14 18:25:46

Sounds like it is going well MrCab
I am really impressed with her settling so easy at night.

Good luck for night two!

MrCabDriver Wed 05-Mar-14 20:46:17


Fell asleep on the sofa at 6 (long day).
Woke up after 7 and I took her to bed....threw a bit of a tantrum but didn't look for boob!
Fell asleep happily.

Woke up At 8:30, I went in there and she cried and asked for her water! She drunk it then lied back down to sleep....then within half a minute sat up tantrumming confused
She hasn't looked for the boob at all...I'm guessing she's angry because I'm not offering it!
It's a moody/angry whinge ...With no tears!
But she's not even looking or trying to get the boob which is good!

She sat looking aimlessly for about 2 minutes then laid back in my arms and is now asleep.

This is going better than I thought :-)

Smartiepants79 Wed 05-Mar-14 22:19:03

Sounds like she will be fine if you keep it up.
She is doing great.

MrCabDriver Wed 05-Mar-14 22:20:46

She just woke up again, asked me for her water, drunk some and went back to sleep!

I'm so impressed :-)

MrCabDriver Thu 06-Mar-14 07:02:44

She woke up at 12 briefly when I got into bed but just went back to sleep.

Woke up again at 2 and just drunk her water. She lay awake for a little while.

Cuddles in to me but isn't even trying to get boob! (Always been a very frequent waker)

Woke up happy at 6:30 :-)

There's hope for you all!

MAC2402 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:29:11

Hey everyone,

My DD turned one last week and I'm so ready to stop breast feeding...I've just had enough now! Problem I'm having is she has always been fed to sleep (unless in car or buggy) and I've no idea how to even begin with this. Anyone any tips?? Should I teach to self settle first and then stop? I don't see how I can stop otherwise, I maybe wrong?
All help gratefully received x

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