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is it just me or the milk?! running out of sanity!

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sprite25 Tue 04-Mar-14 13:45:53

DD is nearly 12 weeks old, has been just formula fed since 8 week's. We used to give her infacol for wind which seemed to help at 1st but she seemed to just get worse after a while so the doctor prescribed colief and said she might be slightly lactose intolerant. Again this seemed to help for a while but now she's going back to how she was before. But I cannot tell if it's the milk causing her discomfort and to be unsettled, if she's overtired due to no routine or if she's actually a normal baby and I'm fretting unnecessarily over every grizzle and cry? I feel like the majority of the time she's a very unhappy baby and I'm running out of ideas of what could be wrong :-(

Mogz Tue 04-Mar-14 19:47:37

Some babies can be very grizzly. Have you asked the doctor about silent reflux? Or if they suspect a lactose intolerance then investigate soy or other based formula.
What is her routine like? How often and for how long is she upset for?
Babies are so tricky when they can't tell you what's wrong. But it will get better.

sprite25 Tue 04-Mar-14 21:00:05

Am going to try talking to the doctor in the morning and will mention reflux as my niece had it and would scream alot but DD is ok laying down flat and things like that so don't know if that's it, he also said if the colief didn't work then she might need a different milk. She doesn't really have much of a routine of having proper naps in the day which is why I wonder if overtiredness is why she's so unsettled, she'll start getting grizzly around 11-12 then will continue until she goes to bed in the evening usually between 7-8 and is great through the night, no screaming just has a bottle nappy change and back to sleep for another 5 hours.

mumofthreeboysS Wed 05-Mar-14 05:04:32

sprite over tiredness could well be the problem. My ds hasn't got any reflux issues but by god if he's over tired he screams the House down. I find the best thing is to look for those tiredness cues. I.e. Staring knot space, rubbing eyes, yawn, grumpy noises (mine has a face he pulls and makes an 'ouw' type of sound. And needs to be put down for a nap before the crying starts as when they cry they're often already over tired. I also think a routine is important for a happy baby- it prevents over tiredness and helps minimise that colicky/tired time in the evenings. My ds is still a bit colicky in the evenings but it's getting better. you could try and gently introduce a routine and see if it helps? I follow Gina ford but the baby whisperer is also a favorite for many people. If that doesn't help then you could see if the doc thinks it's reflux? Good luck!

mumofthreeboysS Wed 05-Mar-14 05:05:44

Staring knot space?? Sorry meant to write 'into space'!

sprite25 Wed 05-Mar-14 07:34:13

I did start the EASY routine which seemed to be ok as she would let me put her down to sleep which in the day she never usually did. But would only stay there for a max of half hr but I guess this would get longer as she got used to it? But she had a bad day and it all kind of went out the window. And having complete baby brain I couldn't get my head around keeping to a routine and still being able to leave the house/have visitors etc. Oh dear I think this is turning into a sleep topic, oops!

mumofthreeboysS Wed 05-Mar-14 10:57:10

yeah I agree doing a routine isn't easy and mine often goes pear shaped at some point during the day but I persevere as it does work! Today my 2 yr old woke my 9 week old after only a 15 min nap and now he's falling asleep on the boob-argh! I find I often have to go out at lunch either in the car or buggy to make sure my LO sleeps enough otherwise it's tears and fractiousness for the rest of the day! I also use a sling a lot for when I need to be doing stuff but LO still needs a nap- it's invaluable.

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