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Mix feeding and travelling - advice pls!

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islingtongirl Mon 03-Mar-14 18:38:50

Probably overthinking this but am tired and baby brain etc! I mix feed my 6m old DD - breastfeed first thing, late afternoon and evening and nighttime feeds. Rest are formula - usually 2 small bottles mid morning and after lunch. Milk supply has therefore dropped during the daytime (been doing this for about a month in prep for going back to work etc). We are off to north america in a few days for a couple of weeks, about 5/6 hrs time difference. As supply low in day will this screw up my mix feeding "schedule", eg will I have to breastfeed later in the day and give bottle at night or do you think supply will adjust ok with that time diff? Ideally like to keep everything the same but also worried about not having enough supply for DD for eg night feeds. Hoping my supply should be well established by now though? Any advice appreciated, even if to tell me I am waaay overthinking this! grin

malteser17 Mon 03-Mar-14 22:02:24

Hi islingtongirl. You'll be pleased to know that apart from the odd exception, it really is a case of supply keeping up with demand. I generally only feed my 1yo DS first thing in the morning and last thing and night and he has two bottles of formula at nursery. However for the last few days he's had a D&V bug so he's only really had breast milk and the odd piece of toast, and my supply has been absolutely fine.

Enjoy your trip to the US and don't worry about feeding your DD - she'll be fine :-)

islingtongirl Mon 03-Mar-14 22:10:24

Oh thanks malteser - I hoped so! That's so reassuring grin

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