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baby taking too much breast milk?? just started posseting a fair bit....

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mumofthreeboysS Mon 03-Mar-14 11:26:35

Just when I think I've got the hang of this bf thing, my baby goes and throws a curve ball!

He's 8 weeks old and till now has been feeding well, burping well etc. The last few days he's been posseting quite a lot after a feed. I'd say it's not a whole feed/vomit, more like a puddle- enough to warrant a change of clothes when he gets his arm or down his front. but before he hardly posseted anything. He's not unhappy when it happens. He's also fussing more on the boob. So he'll take the feed for 5-10 mins then starts wriggling, going red in the face, and generally just being a pickle. So I take him off burp him- he possets a bit, then I offer him the other side. But sometimes i offer him the same side thinking he hasn't been on there long.

so I'm thinking- is he just getting more efficient and is done with that side so starts wriggling when he's had enough? i've tried burping him when he starts to squirm thinking he's got gas but it doesn't always rectify it. Or is it something I've eaten that is upsetting him?? Or is he ill??

I'm getting anxious about it as i cant seem to figure it out...

any advice/info would be greatly appreciated! Have left a message with my health visitor but they're not bf experts and I often find they're next to useless when it comes to bf questions!

mumofthreeboysS Mon 03-Mar-14 11:29:57

I forgot to add- i have been expressing in the mornings to keep for the evening feed but have stopped the last few days so maybe i have more milk/oversupply and its too much for him?? and he's just greedy??

CMOTDibbler Mon 03-Mar-14 11:38:10

If he fusses, then give him the other side. A posset is just offloading extra milk and doesn't hurt them. My ds always did it!

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