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Comforting baby when given up breastfeeding...

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MissRatty Fri 28-Feb-14 19:53:48

Just a query really. I'm considering giving up breastfeeding due to numerous issues, mainly low weight gain and experimentally we're going to formula feed LO for a week to see what his gain is like (it is suspected that my medication affects weight gain in breadtfed babies). During that time I'll be pumping and freezing to keep supply up in the event that it doesn't make a difference...BUT...

If you breastfed and gave it up, how did you comfort your little one? Its one of the things I enjoy about boobfeeding, is the instant comfort it goves at times, and LO doesn't take dummies.

How did you comfort when you gave up the boob?

Babieseverywhere Fri 28-Feb-14 21:22:35

There is no reason to stop putting your baby to your breast for comfort, if you want to. Babies like hangjng out skin to skin and surely any additional breast milk baby takes from you, on top of the formula you will be giving him, would be a good thing calorie wise.

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