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Breakthrough with a bottle refuser

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FrumiousBandersnatch Thu 27-Feb-14 16:45:17

Thought that others with bottle-refusers might like to hear of our breakthrough.

DD is six months, took a bottle of ebm beautifully between two and seven weeks, then began to refuse flatly. We have been having some success with the Nuk soft spout cup so I put a teat on it as an experiment and she took it! The crucial things, IMO:

- Nuk latex teat (even though she has rejected before)
- we are currently weaning, so I think from her perspective it was 'just another new thing that that woman is giving me to put in my mouth ... Let's give it a go'
- I used formula for the first time, not ebm
- finally, and I think most importantly, I kept the cup handles on the bottle and let her bring it to her mouth herself. I still held the end to guide and tip it up but she controlled bringing it to and from her mouth.

There's a passage in the blw book about how bf babies can control their feeding, and this is absolutely true of my DD. We have no choice but to do blw with her as she will not be spoon-fed and I think she really needs to feel that she has control over what goes into her mouth.

Possibly not the key for all bottle-refusers, and only useful to consider past a certain age, but perhaps a glimmer of hope nevertheless!

ProfessionalKiller Sat 01-Mar-14 05:39:01

Interesting, thank you for sharing!

I returned to work this week, Dd is almost 7 months. Mum resorted to spoonfeeding expressed milk on Wed!

The cm ended up just using the food we'd sent (mix of purees and blw stuff).

On all 3 days I have ended up with dd attatched to my boob from when we get home to when I get up for work again (slight exaggeration obviously but just nipping upstairs to the loo resulted in a screaming baby crawling around downstairs looking for me)

Hopefully this will settle down...

KikiShack Sat 01-Mar-14 19:18:05

That is interesting, I wish I hadn't given away my NUK bottles and the unused latex teats now!
On a similar line I've been introducing a free flow tommee tippee cup to my 5 month old DD for about 4 weeks now, about 3 times a week but I'm trying to move towards every day. She also seems a lot happier drinking from it because she has control, though I can't claim its definitely because of this. She will take 3-4 oz over a couple of attempts in about an hour. She never took more than an ounce from a bottle since she hit 6 weeks.
I'm not weaning yet so for us it isn't the 'new things in my mouth'. Now I just have to keep up with expressing and washing the pump and cup! I've stopped sterilizing, at 5 months and 22lbs she's sturdy enough to fight off bugs right?
Apologies for hijacking *OP

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