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hydeyhi91 Mon 24-Feb-14 19:46:34

I've posted a few times about going back to work but just wanting some more reassurance!
I'm going back to work pt on Friday, two evenings and two day shifts on sat and sun. I'm still bf her.

She has a sippy cup but she doesn't take a huge amount from it.. She just doesn't seem to have got the hang of it yet! She used to take a bottle but the last few times has got very upset and taken nothing.

Will she get enough milk around my shift times?
I'm aware that my supply will drop, and this is fine as I was wanting to stop completely in the next few months anyway. This being he case will I only then have enough to feed in morn and evening? Again, will I need to top up with formula?
She's just shy of 7mo


Jenijena Mon 24-Feb-14 19:53:43

No one can predict what your supply will do, but it is very likely to adjust very quickly. Leave some formula or expressed milk for your lo and see how it goes. My experience of returning to work full time (office hours, not shifts) was three days in and my supply had adjusted. I didn't feel at any point I had run out.

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