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Cutting Feeds Question ...

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ScotsBird Wed 10-Mar-04 19:39:42

I wonder if anyone can help me out here - I am weaning dd (6.5 mths) and am now down to only the pre-bed and first thing in the morning feeds, which admittedly has been really easy. However, last week I was struck down by mastitis and I think it may have been to do with this whole weaning process and possibly replacing the two daytime feeds too quickly.

Its cleared up now (thank God!) but now I want to replace the pre-bed feed and only leave the first-thing feed but I am terrified to have my boobs not emptied for what will be 24 hrs, incase the dreaded mastitis comes back ... what should I do, oh wise mumsnetters ?

mears Wed 10-Mar-04 19:42:07

I think I would wait a bit longer before cutting out the pre-bed feed, just to make sure you are well and truly over the masitis. Is there a reason you need to stop it so soon?

ScotsBird Wed 10-Mar-04 21:01:42

righto ... will wait a bit before stopping this feed ... there's not really a reason for stopping, but I feel that I want to get out and about a bit more at night e.g. aerobics class, nights out with friends etc, and it suits better to have dd taking a bottle. I also feel that she is becoming really distracted when feeding from me and that she is trying to tell me something i.e. that she wants a bottle ... breastfeeding has been the best thing (after a shaky start) and I wouldnt hesitate to do it again, but I am reade to reclaim my body and boobs again, I think

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