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Follow on Formula- do we need it?

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Tiredemma Mon 24-Feb-14 11:00:07

DD is 6 months next week and I started weaning a couple of weeks ago.

Her formula since 4 weeks has been Aptamil Comfort Milk due to constipation - this is a powder 'thicker' milk that doesnt come in pre-made cartons etc so if we go out I have to take the powder etc and make up bottle which can be a pain depending where we are.

I feel its been a good milk and she has tolerated it well.

I considered follow on milk going forward - but not sure- I have read online that there is no significant benefit, however I like the idea of being able to have cartons (which I also understand I can get in first milk form)

Not sure if I should stick with what has worked well so far (Comfort) - Move onto a follow on, or switch to Aptamil first- I must admit that the latter two choices will be largely based on having the convenience of having ready made cartons- perhaps not the most informed choice.

malteser17 Mon 24-Feb-14 11:14:42

My understanding is that there is no benefit at all switching to follow-on formula and that the only reason you see advertising for it is that they're not allowed to advertise the first milk.

I can understand you wanting the convenience of cartons when you're out and about so I would probably recommend getting a carton of each of the three major brands - SMA, Apatmil and Cow & Gate, and trying them to check whether they make your DD's constipation any worse. Obviously the more solid food she has, her bowel habits will change also so it might be difficult to tell initially whether the milk is a factor.

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