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Nursing fashion? Share tips!

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KittyCatKittyCat Sun 23-Feb-14 20:15:48

Hoping to be on the go and able to whip out boob anywhere... even though I'm really quite terrified of whipping out boobs? Can anyone recommend nice, reasonably priced nursing wear? Or just the practical side of feeding out and about... Don't want to break the bank but could do better than the basic H+M nursing vests I've got so far.
Thank you!

TheScience Sun 23-Feb-14 20:30:09

I never got on with "nursing" clothes - they seem to make the whole thing more fiddly.

I found tops with buttons down the front, loose tops you can wear over a vest and wrap dresses easiest.

MyNameIsSuz Sun 23-Feb-14 20:42:12

I found the basic H&M stretchy vests really great as a base layer as the straps are stretchy enough to pull down under the boob, then just a looser top over the top which lifts up and comes down a bit around the baby's face to cover you up a bit. I found wrap tops etc left me feeling a bit more exposed as you end up with the whole top of the boob out, but if you have a nice scarf or even just a muslin you can drape it over.

Have you fed in public yet? I was terrified about it too but was gifted with a baby who fed hourly so there was no getting away from it… my first time doing it I went for coffee with my mum, we found a quiet corner where I was facing away from the room, sat down with muslins to hand and then just did our best to keep up a normal conversation while I got him latched on and rearranged my clothes. Looked around and nobody was looking at all. Got more confident after that - as long as you're discreet but don't try too hard to hide what you're doing, nobody will even notice.

LimeLelloLizard Sun 23-Feb-14 23:07:00

Suz has it right - layering normal tops are the way forward for bf. The H&M vests are about £4 in a wide range of colours....

LateBear Mon 24-Feb-14 07:07:28

I also agree that layering normal tops is the easiest. I bought some nursing tops but they are actually more of a faff. I had read this previous to buying them, wish I had taken notice as it was a waste of money!

weebairn Mon 24-Feb-14 07:55:45

I never wore nursing tops, I mostly just wore loose tops and fed baby from under them. Some people prefer a vest underneath I think to cover their tummy, but I found it was hidden behind baby anyway.

it's surprising how little you can actually see. I found I got comfortable very quickly. Once I'd lost some weight and was my normal size again I was so used to it I didn't really care at all. It is a bit intimidating immediately post birth, because 1) you don't know what you're doing! and 2) you don't' look like "you" and you don't really feel like getting your body out on view. But I found this bit passed quickly. It's nice to go out with people and take your time, don't rush.

I think boob shape/size plays a role too. My boobs are quite big so I found it easier to feed baby from underneath top - smaller-boobed friends I had tended to feed from out the top of a low cut top. (though I think this does show a bit more)

Babylonmood Mon 24-Feb-14 09:24:59

I like fixed wraparound dresses. I got a few cheap ones in tk maxx and charity shops. As said above, you are more exposed but I can live with that.

leedy Mon 24-Feb-14 11:06:37

I think whether nursing tops are a faff or not depends on the style - some of them are just awful and involve trying to find nursing openings under huge swathes of fabric, but the Boob-style ones where you just basically lift a flap and stick baby under it are brilliant. They also tend to look less obviously "nursing wear" or like they could double as maternity tops. Basically mostly wore/wear those along with a few things like wrap tops and dresses with easy access, and fancied them up with nice jeans/skirts/cardis/accessories.

I never really got into the "you just need to layer a vest under your top!" thing, mainly because both my boys were doing most of their really public nursing in the sweaty height of summer when I really didn't want to have to wear two tops. Also I have a really long torso so pulling up an entire top even with baby in front actually bares a fair amount of me.

Romily Mon 24-Feb-14 12:19:27

I have a couple of the H&M nursing tops and I quite like them. My favourite nursing top is the Mamas and Papas one which is the easiest to feed with.

I have struggles to find wrap tops and dresses but I have bought a few vests and long jumpers to wear over them, the baggy jumpers hide my mum tum smile

PastaandCheese Mon 24-Feb-14 16:58:50

I agree with the vest under top approach. M&S do vests in a longer length which are nice if you're tall.

I liked having my tummy covered.

mogwai2011 Mon 24-Feb-14 17:40:51

I swear by JoJo Maman tops this time around with my 11wo DS. I used to layer tops with DS, but find this much more discreet and straightforward, and I've had loads of compliments from people about how nice the tops look. They have a double layer built into them, and once the baby has latched on, I don't even need to wear a scarf or pu r a muslin over my shoulder as it's just a small opening in the top. A few strangers have also come up to admire DS while I've been out in cafes etc, and many were oblivious to the fact that I was feeding him at the time!

QuietNinjaTardis Mon 24-Feb-14 17:40:54

I bought a few stretchy vests from ALDI so I pull my top up, position dd in front of boob then undo bra and pull down with vest then latch her on. Keeps tummy and boobs covered. Definitely easier than nursing tops and less expensive. Ill figure out what to do in warmer weather when it gets here if it ever does

geekaMaxima Mon 24-Feb-14 19:22:18

I'm another one who never got on with pull-one-up, pull-one-down approach with two tops. I have smaller boobs and the pulled-down top just kept riding back up against the nipple.hmm

For me, a good nursing bra and a breast vest (google them) work great, with another top over them. So it's just unclog, lift up, latch on.

jennyapples Mon 24-Feb-14 19:24:05


I have absolutely gigantic boobs so there is not real tactful way to get them out without throwing them in people's faces. I LOVE and use the Bebe Chic cover. It's a good price, lets you see the baby (and baby see you), has good coverage around the middle, and folds up tiny. I never leave home without it!

MamaDuckling Mon 24-Feb-14 19:34:21

For what it's worth... I'm also a huge fan of the H&M vest with loose top over the top.

I'm comfortable feeding this way in public but a pretty scarf (don't spend extra on a 'feeding' one unless you have a lot to cover!) gives a bit more coverage if you feel exposed.

My biggest mistake was a mamas and papas wrap dress. Horrible cut/length... Urgh.

Also, unless you are huge I'd suggest you don't get padded nursing bras, they don't fold down easily for feeding and just get in baby's way.

I'm a 32DD and I manage just fine with the HM vest, and washable nursing pads.

FairyTrain Mon 24-Feb-14 19:35:02

I've just received loads of nursing tops I ordered on H&M, most of them are lovely and I will be keeping them here I know most people get away with double vests etc, I just can't do it and know that I'll be wearing these tops for the next 6 months minimum so want things I'm happy to wear.

geekaMaxima Mon 24-Feb-14 20:05:53

Unclog??? Unclip!

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