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Very heavy EBF baby- when will growth plateau?

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KikiShack Sat 22-Feb-14 20:05:00

When DD was younger I posted about how huge she was and whether I was actually feeding her too much as she was above the 99.6 line.Everyone said no, chill out, she'll plateau when she becomes mobile, so I did chill out.
She is now over 4 months and bigger than ever- 20lbs at last weigh back in mid Jan, still putting on at least half a pound a week. She has grown considerably since then so is now probably 21-22lbs at 4mo and 1 week. what age would I expect her to stop this weight gain? Roughly. I am desperate to buy her clothes that last more than a couple of weeks! I'm not exaggerating, in her 4 months of life she has grown out of 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, and now 9-12 month clothes, so I'm buying 12-18 which feels ridiculous. And they're a bit long in the limbs! We use cloth nappies which really doesn't help, her podge+layers of cloth equals one huge bottom grin
HV are not remotely worried and no-one has told me to wean early which I'm very impressed by, especially as friends with big (but not as gigantic) babies have been told, incorrectly I gather, to wean by other HVs.
It would be good to have a vague idea in mind when I should start seeing the growth plateau due to mobility- how mobile affects growth? I'm mostly not worrying, but occasionally wonder if she has a condition affecting her ability to detect being full.
She's ~68cm so tall too, but not as tall as fat iyswim.

I'd love a bit of reassurance, and anyone who has a similarly huge baby please post so I don't feel such a freak!!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sat 22-Feb-14 20:09:54

ok so DS2 was 22lb at 6 months and 24 lb at a year.

he was ebf, and we didn't wean until appro six months no one was worried about him not putting on weight from 6-12 months even though it made me really anxious. he had gone from having cheesy creases in his neck and legs to being on the slim side, (not thin though)
Now aged 7 he weighs just over 3 stone and is very slim.

He was breastfed until a week short of 12 months.
try not to worry too much.

cathpip Sat 22-Feb-14 20:15:45

I would say mobile as in crawling, which maybe a little later due to her size. Please don't worry unnecessarily about her weight and height it will even out. My dd was off the chart for the first 6 months of her life. (started slowly plateauing when I weaned) now she is 3 she is still tall 99th centile but slim 50th centile, I get what you mean about growing out of clothes so fast though, I was forever rolling up sleeves and even now leggings are baggy or tight and too short!!

Layl77 Sat 22-Feb-14 20:20:49

Really don't worry! First 3/4 are the chubbiest and then they usually grow up rather than out. My ebf babies were way off chart now looking tall but lean at 4. The 2 year old still looks tubby but can see ribs and only one leg crease sob

Layl77 Sat 22-Feb-14 20:21:00


Layl77 Sat 22-Feb-14 20:22:09

It's actually really common, they're designed to be breastfed so it's not abnormal growth and they can't overfeed really. Look at any old pictures the babies would be breastfed and with mother constantly they all looked like cherubs!

ShoeWhore Sat 22-Feb-14 20:28:45

Ds2 was like a little sumo wrestler when he was a baby. He also didn't move until he was 10mo which perhaps compounded it - he was just a phenomenal feeder, gaining at least a pound a week and one memorable week 1 3/4 lbs! I was so skinny I had razor-sharp cheekbones grin for the first and last time in my life I suspect

Once he started crawling at 10mo he started to look a bit slimmer and then walking really sorted it all out. He's 7 now and still heavy when you weigh him but really very slim (he must be quite dense grin ) He's average height.

browneyesblue Sat 22-Feb-14 20:31:42

Congratulations on your lovely, squishy DD!

DS is a lovely, chubby 99th+ centile baby. He was big at birth (9lbs 3oz - 38 weeks), and just kept going. He was also EBF, but I started weaning in Jan at 6 months, so now he is BF and BLW

I haven't had him weighed since just before I started weaning, and he was over 22lbs. They also measured him and he was 69.5cm long. Honestly, I only got him weighed because I was paranoid that people would think I was overfeeding him if they caught a glimpse of his squishy bum and thighs blush. I thought if I got him weighed before I started weaning, I'd be able to show he was always a chunk, even just on breastmilk.

I haven't had him weighed since, but it does feel a bit like his growth is slowing down a bit in the last few weeks. He is really enthusiastic about his food, and I suppose it doesn't have the same calories as breastmilk. Although he is still bf regularly, maybe he is taking slightly less than normal. Also, he has recently started being a lot more active - he is up on all fours, crawling backwards (much to his dismay), rolling all around the room and trying to pull himself up on everything. He also bounces a lot in his jumper.

He has been wearing 9-12 month clothes for a while now, and is close to not being able to fit in them. He never fit into anything that size that wasn't stretchy because of his thighs and bum though. Honestly, he is all dimples, rolls and squidge. He feels so soft smile

I get away with 9-12 months by dressing him in tights, leggings, baby grows (John Lewis ones seem longer than most). I have a couple of pairs of soft trousers with some stretch that fit him too.

He only wears disposables, so doesn't have the extra cloth bulk, but you couldn't tell by looking at him grin I take him swimming, and he wears a disposable swim nappy under a (size Large) neoprene nappy. Recently, the instructer panicked at the sight of him. She thought he was wearing a regular nappy under the neoprene nappy, and that it had expanded in the water. Nope - all him!

You are not alone - I love my gorgeous huge baby smile

KikiShack Sat 22-Feb-14 21:39:44

Aww thanks for sharing all these stories of lovely squishy babies, it's made me a little bit teary!! I do love my gorgeous giant and I'm so grateful for her being a big sturdy healthy girl. I just can't help get irrationally worried occasionally.
I was getting her weighed every week or two so got regular reassurance from HVs, but they told me to stop going so often do now it's just me, DP, megababy and the piles of outgrown clothes! Can you tell she's our first?
I will forget about it until she's a couple of months into food and see how she's developed by then.

Onsera3 Mon 24-Feb-14 14:42:17

I remember this! I was spending so much on clothing! I wondered when it would stop.

DS was born 8lbs and got so fat EBF that he was 24lbs when I started weaning him at 6mo. They said he'd slim down when he started crawling. He didn't. At 6mo he was crawling and at 8mo was cruising. By 10 months he was so far off the charts the HV couldn't plot his weight on the graph.

Finally at 12 months it slowed right down as he started walking without using furniture for support. Luckily, as he was out of even 18-24 month clothes and had to have toddler size 2 years. So I had to buy two years worth of clothes in the first year.

I took him to get weighed at 15 mo and he's hardly gained anything so is almost getting down to 99.8 centile! It's fab as he can wear the clothes I bought him in autumn. He used to have the cuffs rolled up and now he doesn't.

So hang in there it will happen eventually I'm sure. Take plenty of photos of the chubs because you won't believe it when they're 'slim'.

cathyandclaire Mon 24-Feb-14 14:48:26

I had this with EBF DD1, everyone said...oh I had a big baby and then looked at DD's sumo bellies with visible shock/horror.
She slowly and gradually slimmed off, she was chunky at 2 then normal by school entry age and was positively skinny at puberty and now 17, size 8-10.

She still cringes at her baby photos!

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