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Should I give up DS Dream Feed?

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Slongette Mon 17-Feb-14 17:52:02

My DS is 14 weeks old - he goes to bed at 7pm and I have been giving a dream feed at 10/10.30pm.

He will then wake at any point between 2am-3.30am for a feed and then wake again about 05.30/06.00 for the start of his day!

DH works away during the week so dealing with this all by myself and slowly loosing the will to live.

If I drop the dream feed will it just bring his night feeds forward? I'm an early bird so have no issue with and early start but how can we get past the feed in the early hours?

Yours ..... Exhausted of Tunbridge Wells xx

mumbaisapphirebluespruce Mon 17-Feb-14 18:00:04

All you can do is try and see, but I suspect at that age he will still want it. We only stopped the dream feed for DD at 8 months. She grew out of her night feeds at about 4 months or so, but still needed the 10.30 feed. It actually became really obvious to us when she no longer required it as she would barely take an ounce. So we tried it and she stirred at that time for about two nights and we gave a dummy instead and now she no longer wakes for it. We did try to stop it at 6 months but she wasn't ready to and it just resulted in more waking a for us. So we carried on.

Slongette Mon 17-Feb-14 18:06:50

He is hit and miss - sometimes he'll take nearly a whole 180ml sometimes only 60-90ml.

He is only little for 14 weeks so maybe he still needs it.....

mumbaisapphirebluespruce Mon 17-Feb-14 18:13:49

Yes I think I'm in agreement with you if he's drinking that much and still feeding at night then he does. Your Ds sounds like my dd in terms of sleeping. If anything it's the middle of the night feed you should be hoping he drops, so stick with the 10.30 and maybe try a dummy when he wakes in the night. See how he responds to that.

saffstel Mon 17-Feb-14 18:15:56

My dd is 11 months and she still has one. A friend has a 15 month old and he has one too. I'm happy for dd to drop it when she wants. She is blw

purplemurple1 Mon 17-Feb-14 18:22:56

It was the 2am feed that went first for us at about 2 months (his a big chap though). Could you push the df a bit later and gradually make the next feed in the morning? Maybe see if he wants to take a little more on some of his day feeds.

Tbh though ours was taking full bottles regularly and then one night just stopped waking. So we didn't need to do a gradual reduction to drop that feed.

Slongette Tue 18-Feb-14 07:08:07

Thanks ladies

Dream fed at 10.30 and he drank most of his bottle so I'll have to keep doing it! No early to bed for me!

We have a new problem now...... He woke at 1.10am having turned 90 degrees in his cot and had his head wedged up against the bars.... Tried to feed him but he was not interested. He woke again at 4am in the same position but this time he drank a whole bottle! Then was wide awake about 6ish did a massive poo so had to get him up! He is currently having much fun on his play mat...

Fun times........

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